RoonesRoonesRoones 'strawberry' painting
roones Dec 16, 2014

Artist Spotlight: Mini Mansions

We have a new obsession and their name is Mini Mansions. Mini Mansions are a band from Los Angeles California consisting of Zach Dawes, Tyler…

Buggs tha Rocka "Scattered Thoughts of an American Poet" - Full Album Stream

Buggs tha Rocka “Scattered Thoughts of an American Poet” Full album audio stream & review published in the UK’s Wordplay Magazine today.  The album will be…
zanzir Dec 08, 2014
Kristin Raderpic

Kristin Rader

Learn more about Kristin here...
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arthurpayne Dec 02, 2014

Top Tips From The Experts About Photography

You will ruin your photographic reputation if you produce bad photographs. Read these tips to start learning better photography techniques.Try not to capture an overcast…
crayonloaf0 Nov 28, 2014

Successful Photography Is Easy With This Expert Advice

Photography is a good way to showcase the beauty in both your life as well as the world you live in. Photography can even be…
crayonloaf0 Nov 28, 2014

Tips To Help You Take Pictures Like A Pro!

A group of ideas on how to start photography, makes a great beginning point for a new photographer to learn how to take really good…
crayonloaf0 Nov 28, 2014

Make Photography A Cinch With These Tips

In the world of photography, there are many methods to taking good photographs. This is where some useful tips on taking the best photographs will…
crayonloaf0 Nov 28, 2014
Somewhere only we knowpic

Somewhere only we know

Not edited, it turned out this way somehow. And I love it. I loved this concert and I still think about his music. It's polish artist…
Tommorow Nov 26, 2014
roones Nov 24, 2014

Photography Tips That Are Sure To Please

Photography is a lot more that just trying to take a clear shot of something in decent lighting. It really is a method of artistic…
tunaflag9 Nov 23, 2014

The Best Piece To Read When Looking For Photography Info

Becoming a good photographer involves a lot of experimentation with lighting and perspective. The collection of tips compiled in this article can help an eager…
tunaflag9 Nov 22, 2014

Simple Tips To Ensure Great Pictures

It can be difficult to understand all there is to know about photography. This is often times because people do not know who to ask…
tunaflag9 Nov 22, 2014

Begin your Search for a Job using Dreelancer

It is well documented that every single one of them charge their members by subscription or with tax. The fee may be either monthly, yearly…
priceclover4 Nov 21, 2014
Listen New Music: Aretha Henry 'Fairytale'vid

[Listen] New Music: Aretha Henry 'Fairytale'

'Fairytale' by Aretha Henry (from the album 'Superhuman')  Get it on iTunes!
Aretha Henry
Aretha Henry Nov 20, 2014