Some snaps from Phuket

:)                                                                   There's a lot more…
Bek Apr 08, 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

For those who read my blog, I apologize for not writing! Anyways, The Winter Soldier! The movie was...unf! It was pure perfection! I can't express…
gabbybanditt Apr 05, 2014

YouTube Wednesday: Jake West, an incredible musician, a funny vlogger, a MUST HAVE on your favorite playlists

nbsp;       Hello people of the internet! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’ blog, I am going to introduce you all to a PHENOMINAL new musician that I recently…
celindareyes Mar 15, 2014

Lady Gaga's Performance at SXSW!

Last night Lady Gaga headlined The Doritos Stage at South By Southwest! She gave the boldest fans a once in a life time performance!  She opened…
reallygreg Mar 14, 2014
Me on Google upic

Me on Google /u

I put my name in the search box of google images and oh surprise (oJo) I look good
ethancuculi Feb 28, 2014
Boyce avenue playlistvid

Boyce avenue playlist

"Best songs of boyce avenue covers"
Bek Feb 24, 2014

Movie Inspiration:Oz the Great and Powerful

Last time I look wonderful film Oz the Great and Terrible . I like movies based on fairy tales and The Wizard of Oz they…
Katy Bambie
Katy Bambie Feb 20, 2014

Every Thing You Wish To Learn About Digital Projectors

Lots of people learned to use the Internet for almost everything. They use it to pay for charges, communicate with friends and relations and even…
mruller71 Feb 17, 2014

Why 2012 Was The Erroneous Year For The Incredible The Will Gwen Stacy Die

The state reviews for The Amazing Spider-Man are in. While the film itself is not released here in great BRITAIN for another week, the overall…
jabaronne71 Feb 07, 2014

Bruno Mars Groovy Halftime Show

Last night during the halftime show Bruno Mars performed. Let me tell you that man knows how to put on a show! The light show…
reallygreg Feb 03, 2014
Item of the Day!pic

Item of the Day!

The item of today is a custom mini tiara with a unicorn horn! I love this type of accessory, it seems magical.   #itemoftheday #unicorn #magical #cute #amazing   Xoxo
Mauna Jan 31, 2014
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Audrey Hepburnpic

Audrey Hepburn

16 pics
Martina Satoriova
Martina Satoriova Jan 22, 2014

Play Button: Chris Garneau, Two Gallants

Hello therrrre! I've been away for some time, and I come back here today to make you discover some artists I just heard of. I'm looking for…
iamadelaidee Jan 08, 2014
beard goes up in flamesvid

beard goes up in flames

i'll miss you my beard
frozencraftblast Dec 19, 2013