Led Zeppelin IIpic

Led Zeppelin II

Obviously one of the most essential albums of all time, let's face it. This 1969 Led Zeppelin release even today, sounds way ahead of its…
cadillac77 Jun 25, 2015
From Elvis In Memphis - on RCApic

From Elvis In Memphis - on RCA

This historic Elvis Presley album was recorded at American Sound Studios in Memphis.  Produced by Chips Moman and Felton Jarvis, it was released in 1969…
cadillac77 Jun 22, 2015
Supertramp - Parispic

Supertramp - Paris

The best of the Supertramp albums, and one of the best live albums ever recorded.  This double vinyl set was released in 1980 and is…
cadillac77 Jun 21, 2015
The Beatles - Revolverpic

The Beatles - Revolver

Obviously on my most essential albums list, The Beatles released 'Revolver' in 1966, and is most amazing to listen to on a turntable.  Yeah you…
cadillac77 Jun 20, 2015
Durty Curty In Concertpic

Durty Curty In Concert

EG Collins on guitar with front man Curtis Wicks on vocals.      
cadillac77 Jun 19, 2015
Rush - Moving Picturespic

Rush - Moving Pictures

Here is another album of the day that I would easily say belongs on my most essential albums list. Released in 1981, Rush 'Moving Pictures'…
cadillac77 Jun 18, 2015
Electric Light Orchestra - Discoverypic

Electric Light Orchestra - Discovery

I would easily call this one of the most essential albums of all time. ELO's Discovery was released in 1979, and from front to back…
cadillac77 Jun 17, 2015
Cadillac77 lands in Los Angelespic

Cadillac77 lands in Los Angeles

So yeah, great blogs coming on the recording industry, albums from the past and great iconic band photos and stories.  Stay tuned yeah!
cadillac77 Jun 10, 2015
Elvis Presley - Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellitepic

Elvis Presley - Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite

Way back in the 1970's, those of you out there who would remember, had this popular poster looking down at you in your room.  Very…
cadillac77 May 27, 2015
Guitarist EG Collins - pastel artwork by Zig Marsdenpic

Guitarist EG Collins - pastel artwork by Zig Marsden

On display at Hard Rock Memphis.
cadillac77 May 14, 2015
LMT Connection with Leroy Emmanualpic

LMT Connection with Leroy Emmanual

Now here is an incredible R&B/Soul/Funk band to check out.  Have a look and a listen to the amazing studio and live works of LMT…
cadillac77 May 01, 2015
Elvis Presleypic

Elvis Presley

Quite a rare photo of Elvis Presley taken in 1970 on stage at the Hilton International Las Vegas. With that famous Gibson J200 custom acoustic…
cadillac77 Mar 29, 2015
Jeff Lynnepic

Jeff Lynne

Founder of The Electric Light Orchestra, he was producer, guitarist, writer, lead vocals, and risk taker for this iconic band that holds a special place…
cadillac77 Mar 27, 2015
Robert Plantpic

Robert Plant

Great rock photography on this one, appearing to be taken about 1975. Robert Plant was the ultimate image of a front man to one of…
cadillac77 Mar 22, 2015
Chasing Down The Stormpic

Chasing Down The Storm

Know that in your darkest hour . . . it is your family, your siblings, your own wife, and her mother, who will plot to…
cadillac77 Feb 16, 2015