President Lincoln Back From The Dead?

No, not as a vampire!  I am still wondering why anyone even bothered to make that movie.. But, that was not the only Abraham Lincoln…
pishelle Aug 22, 2012
How To Prevent Employee Theft Part 2 Qvid

How To Prevent Employee Theft Part 2 Q

http://www.theprofitexperts.co.uk, http://www.losspreventionvideos.com, Romeo Richards, Where do you think the majority of the people who shoplift from your store live? Answer: About 5 to 7 miles radius…
retaillossprevention Sep 24, 2011
Mitch and Lincolnpic
Goose Girl
Goose Girl Jun 15, 2011
Lincoln's Speech to Law Studentspic

Lincoln's Speech to Law Students

The Life and Times of Abraham Lincoln by Erik Svane and Dan Greenberg http://no-pasaran.blogspot.com/2011/06/1850s-discourage-litigation-and.html
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nopasa Jun 15, 2011
Friday the 13th Celebrity Edition: Abraham Lincolnpic
Abraham Lincoln Speaks at Galesburg's Knox College 2pic

Abraham Lincoln Speaks at Galesburg's Knox College (2)

Abraham Lincoln on the Founding Fathers' Supposed Embrace of Slavery http://no-pasaran.blogspot.com/2010/09/abraham-lincoln-and-founding-fathers.html Script by Erik Svane, Art by Dan Greenberg
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nopasa Sep 26, 2010

Abraham Lincoln

One never stand so tall, as when you stoop to help a child...Abraham Lincoln. Here's you're baseball, now get off my lawn all you brats...
jordonpp Aug 20, 2010
Abraham Lincolnpic
Abe Lincoln by Dan Greenbergpic
Stripschrift 405pic

Stripschrift 405

Stripschrift, the oldest continuously-published comics magazine on the planet, announces (in a Dutch article by Rik Sanders) the graphic novels authored by Erik Svane in…
nopasa Mar 03, 2010

Bizzare links of Abraham Lincoln and J.F.K.

     History Mystery     Have a history teacher explain this ----- if they can..   Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846.  John F. Kennedy was elected…


Fourscore and seven years ago, our fathers... oh, wait, wrong everything Ok, 40 years ago, a rock fest that can make Warped Tour, Coachella, ToC and…

Abraham Lincoln Video Interview!

Hey everyone,We've posted a new video interview with our 16th president Abraham Lincoln which is sure to make you feel warm and patriotic!  We're all…
Jerry Reynolds - The Sage of Mount Vernonpic

Jerry Reynolds - The Sage of Mount Vernon

Jerry Reynolds Fargo ND Photography
jerryreynolds May 31, 2008
George Bush is a Jedivid

George Bush is a Jedi

Best Robot Chicken Scene EVER