Kealia Pond Boardwalk on Maui James Brennan Molokai Hawaiipic

Factors to Consider in Setting Up a Business in Singapore | Why Set Up a Business in Singapore?

Why Set Up a Business in Singapore?  Many people consider relocating to Singapore because of its political climate, pro-business environment, cultural atmosphere, health and education system…
paulmedia Mar 02, 2010

When your buzz starts to flickr.....

Every once in a while, we have friends who leave Buzznet.  And then we have friends who are simply considering it.  I would like to…
Crash Jul 06, 2008

The Migration Trend: Application Migration And Porting

Is your current business application is not supporting the latest functionalities due to out dated technology used to develop it, you need application migration and…
softwareoutsourcing Oct 10, 2007

How To Plan A Strategic Software Product Development

Brickred Technology, is the name of trust when someone talk about software product development companies. Brickred is successfully dealing in this domain since 2002 and…
softwareoutsourcing Oct 10, 2007

Software Product Testing-The Definition Of Software Quality.

Always avoid in house software product testing because it can be infected with biasness, if any project team have two friends, one developer and other…
softwareoutsourcing Oct 10, 2007

we are all admirals.

Oh, the rain.  All day yesterday, all day today, 50 degrees.  I'm sat here with my hoodie and fleece blanket.  What is with Buzznet today? …
Migration Dance videovid

"Migration" Dance video

A video montage from the dance performance, Migration, performed on Maui in 2006.
dreamtymefilms Feb 21, 2007
it's the way South ispic
Mallard liftoffpic
james150 Jan 22, 2006
Goose have gone to Flypic

Goose have gone to Fly

James Taylor
wallyworldr Oct 28, 2005
Migrating Birds - Fall Photo from 10-29-04pic