Essential Gay Themed Films In Order To Watch, I really Like Anyone Phillip Morris

I Adore You Phillip Morris is almost all about Steven Jay Russell (Jim Carrey), a guy who functions as getting a police officer throughout Virginia…
jadedpatchwork580 Oct 30, 2014


Jeri Jacquin, Movie Maven Coming this Friday from director Nick Cassavetes and 20th Century Fox comes the tale of friendship with a little revenge when you…
Movie Maven
Movie Maven Apr 25, 2014


Jeri Jacquin, Movie Maven Jenise Jacquin, Film Brat Opening in theatres this Friday from director Carlos Saldanha and Blue Sky Studios comes the night flight to RIO…
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Movie Maven Apr 10, 2014

What Happened Leslie Mann? More Badly Dressed Celebs at the Critics' Choice Awards

At every award show: First People's Choice, now Critics' Choice, celebs like Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain and more (sometimes) make a sartorial misstep. -PJ Gach Wednesday night there were some…
PJ Gach
PJ Gach Jan 11, 2013

Top 10 Celebrity Interviews Of 2012 (VIDEOS)

With the year coming to a swift end and the new year just peeking around the corner, many people come up with New Year's resolutions…
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Things We Learned At The 'This Is 40' Junketpic

Things We Learned At The 'This Is 40' Junket

On the Apatow home rules Leslie: “We don’t allow [Maude] to curse at home I know she does at school. So it was fun for…
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We've Got You Covered Dec 20, 2012

BUZZNET Exclusive: Leslie Mann On Being Shy, Scary Movies & Bullies (VIDEO)

What do you get when you put together zombies, a star-studded cast and stop motion animation? You get the upcoming flick ParaNorman! The film, which is about a…
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Leslie Mann as Debbie in 'Knocked Up'pic

Leslie Mann as Debbie in 'Knocked Up'

Debbie is the protective big sister and the naggy but ultimately overwhelmed mother-of-two who is blunt and honest even when it hurts. She gives questionable…
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Amy Scarlata Aug 17, 2011