Analytics to Predict Customer Behavior

For 60 years, marketers have been building products that anticipate the needs of consumers. The difference now is that we have the data and tools…
bodhtree Aug 26, 2014

Success mantras for new-age CMO

The Future of marketing with respect to digitization and the complexity of analytics that are required to make sense of the data are already dominating…
bodhtree Aug 19, 2014

How Big Data and Analytics Can Reshape Healthcare

In a bid to deliver high quality healthcare care and improve patient satisfaction, public and private sector hospitals are today looking at streamlining workflow processes…
bodhtree Aug 11, 2014

Businesses are making enormous investments in big data initiatives

As per Gartner the cumulative big data spending for the period 2011 through 2016 will reach over $232 billion. As of 2013 nearly two thirds…
bodhtree Aug 04, 2014