Digital marketing that drives business growth

Growing dominance of online coupled with new devices like tablets; smart phones are reshaping the market. Digital medium and interactive web are providing the customer…
bodhtree Mar 30, 2015
ZoomCharts for Big Data TechCon 2015: April 26-28, 2015pic

ZoomCharts for Big Data TechCon 2015: April 26-28, 2015

ZoomCharts is offering data visualization tools to support presentations at Big Data TechCon, taking place from April 26th to 28th, 2015 at the Seaport WTC…
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zoomcharts Feb 04, 2015

Analytics to Predict Customer Behavior

For 60 years, marketers have been building products that anticipate the needs of consumers. The difference now is that we have the data and tools…
bodhtree Aug 26, 2014

Success mantras for new-age CMO

The Future of marketing with respect to digitization and the complexity of analytics that are required to make sense of the data are already dominating…
bodhtree Aug 19, 2014

How Big Data and Analytics Can Reshape Healthcare

In a bid to deliver high quality healthcare care and improve patient satisfaction, public and private sector hospitals are today looking at streamlining workflow processes…
bodhtree Aug 11, 2014

Businesses are making enormous investments in big data initiatives

As per Gartner the cumulative big data spending for the period 2011 through 2016 will reach over $232 billion. As of 2013 nearly two thirds…
bodhtree Aug 04, 2014

World’s Largest PC Company increased customer lifetime value with Tableau

Today, business analytics have transformed to track, understand and monitor customer behavior. The challenge is to procure most granular details across the regions in the…
bodhtree Jul 14, 2014


Divide and conquer: That’s the simple truth of Hadoop. At its core, Hadoop is a distributed file system and distributed MapReduce processing framework that both…
bodhtree Jul 06, 2014

Why' Reporting Alone Isn't a Strong Enough Business Intelligence Strategy

Not having a single version of the truth for business intelligence data used for reporting—such as data about customers, products, channel partners, suppliers, and employees—slows…
bodhtree Jun 08, 2014

Who owns Competitive Advantage?

Most industry analysts today predict that the adoption of cloud has granted greater responsibilities and muscle to business leaders and the role of IT is…
bodhtree Feb 17, 2014

Big Data: Planning to Implementation stage, CIO’s today are breaking the shackles

The beauty of information technology lies in its gradual evolution patterns, from client server technology to mainframes and today we talk about Cloud computingand Big…
bodhtree Feb 11, 2014

Big Data: Challenge or Opportunity?

Consider a simple example of going for a movie with your family: you send a tweet that you are going for a movie and create…
bodhtree Oct 24, 2013

Big Data Cloud Today! Experts discuss what today’s data is saying about tomorrow opportunities

Increased productivity, new innovations and smarter marketing are just a few advantages being realized by organizations that embrace big data.. Big Data Cloud Today!, an event…
bodhtree Jun 26, 2013

Balance Your Supply Chain with Big Data

Let’s start by going back…way back from a tech perspective. In the 1840s Samuel Finley Breese Morse, the American co-inventor of Morse code envisioned laying…
bodhtree Dec 12, 2012