An Open Letter To The Musical Ron Paul Twitter Hacker: WTF Were You Thinking?

Okay.  I know how passionate some people can be about their political beliefs.  Hell, I'm not exactly quiet about my own. I feel like it's…
Ashly Jan 12, 2012
House of Joypic

House of Joy

This was a whorehouse in Jerome, Arizona.
spritopias Jun 18, 2008

I believe this would qualify as PWNED!

About half way through it gets fun!  
kellymcg Sep 25, 2007
GOP Chairman Ken Mehlmanpic
Hawaii Republican Conventionpic

Hawaii Republican Convention

Governor Linda Lingle at yesterday's general session of the Hawaii State Republican convention.
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macpro May 28, 2006
What Giuliani Did First Thing This Morningvid

What Giuliani Did First Thing This Morning
itsgiulianitime May 12, 2006