Day 366 - I Feel Infinitepic

Day 366 - I Feel Infinite

Well, this is it you guys! Thank you EVERYONE who looked, commented and suggested my photos! I can't believe it is over already! I think…
pishelle Dec 31, 2012
Day 365 - Shining Brightpic

Day 365 - Shining Bright

Listening: Sure Thing - Miguel The Christmas Lights by the Christmas Shops in Paris were absolutely stunning!!! It was freezing, but so lovely walking around…
pishelle Dec 30, 2012
Day 363 - The Arcpic

Day 363 - The Arc

Watched - Django Unchained I went to lunch with a friend and went to watch this movie. And visited another friend at work. It was…
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pishelle Dec 29, 2012
Day 362 - Mosaicpic

Day 362 - Mosaic

Listening: Lego House - Ed Sheeran Didn't do much of anything today. Just kind of hung out on my own. Twas a relaxing day. This…
pishelle Dec 27, 2012
Day 361 - Ice Agepic

Day 361 - Ice Age

Watched - American History X What an amazing movie. It was so intense, but so good in every way. The way it was shot was…
pishelle Dec 26, 2012
Day 360 - Secret Santapic

Day 360 - Secret Santa

Watching - Raging Bull Watching the randomest movies today. Most are not very Christmas-y either, haha. Well I went to church this morning and came…
pishelle Dec 25, 2012
Day 359 - White Christmaspic

Day 359 - White Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE!!!! Hope you are having a wonderful day! Yayyyy, just came back from my family Christmas get-together. It was so much funn!! Can't believe…
pishelle Dec 24, 2012
Day 358 - Stuffy Santapic

Day 358 - Stuffy Santa

Watching - Nashville Finally some time to catch-up on my shows. Hopefully I will get back to your comments and check out the posts I've…
pishelle Dec 23, 2012
Day 357 - Buzznet, I LURVE You!pic

Day 357 - Buzznet, I LURVE You!

About to watch some SUITS! Ahhh, this was the best thing ever. Seriously, you guys should have seen my face when I opened the mail!…
pishelle Dec 22, 2012
Day 356 - Framedpic

Day 356 - Framed

Listening: What U See is What U Get - Britney Spears Legit listened to the entire Oops I Did it Again CD all day today…
pishelle Dec 21, 2012
Day 355 - Oh Christmas Treepic

Day 355 - Oh Christmas Tree

Listened: Nice to Know You - Incubus Today was the best first day of break. I got some errands done in the morning and basically…
pishelle Dec 20, 2012
Day 354 - Holiday Spiritpic

Day 354 - Holiday Spirit

I'M DONE!!!!!!!!! This semester was so difficult, I am so glad it's over. This time next year, i'll be DONE! I'm so excited!! Can't wait…
pishelle Dec 19, 2012
Day 353 - Presentspic

Day 353 - Presents

Watching - Deception Just one more final to go!!!!!! Then it's break! Woot, I am sooooo happy this semester is finally over!! Such a relief!…
pishelle Dec 18, 2012
Day 352 - Fuelpic

Day 352 - Fuel

I have a feeling my numbers for the days are so off. We shall see at the end of the year. But it is almost…
pishelle Dec 17, 2012
Day 350 - Tom Cupcakespic

Day 350 - Tom Cupcakes

No time for uploads..
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pishelle Dec 16, 2012