Worlds Most Fab Scene Queens

This group is all about Jac Vanek, Audrey Kitching, Hanna...more»
This group is all about Jac Vanek, Audrey Kitching, Hanna beth, Raquel Reed,Jeffree Star, And Alysia. The Five Best Scene Queens in the World! I don't want no Fakers on here, or any haters.

Wiped out.pic

Wiped out.

Sooooo tired. And my make off is coming off. What have you guys been up to this week?
Its good to chat.pic

Its good to chat.

On the phone with [potentially] my boo David Brent FTW! and yeh i like the english one better.
Bring out your dead!pic

Bring out your dead!

Thank you to Skullamy for editing this! It looks rad sweetie!!!!
Camera Whorepic

Camera Whore

Meh. Old picture.
1950's glam starpic

1950's glam star

This is an old pic I really like. It makes me think I'm an old filmstar. I'm ready for my Close-Up Mr DeMille ;)


got my snakebites put in again. not sure if i like :S
So basicallypic

So basically;

This is what I want as a tattoo. Different font obviously, and possibly the skeletons different colours, like, one solid orange, on solid green, one solid…


Hey Guys.x I Adore The Whole Scene...Um...Scene Lol!! I Juz FxCKIN Love Everytin Bou Scne Gurls/Guys.x I Juz Love This Pikk Of Audrey Dnt Yu?! x
kerrixkayoss Jan 18, 2008


Jessica Nova
jessicanova Jan 14, 2008
jessicanova Jan 12, 2008