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This is a group for the people who are mostly...more»
This is a group for the people who are mostly overlooked on buzznet : the w r i t e r s - people who breathe words in like addictive air, and spill their emotions in ink, spiraling onto the paper like blood from a cut.

I mean, think about it. Scroll up and look at the tabs on top of Buzznet - Music, Pop Culture, Movies, Community, Photos, Videos, Contests, and Galleries. No writing section. No easy credit to the writers of buzznet. So this group is to help them.

The point of this group is to support writers and help them flourish in any way possible. Tasks that are given every two weeks are to help people expand and grow as authors.

You can write persuasive essays, poems, stories, fanfics, letters, musings, anything really! Or you can just be a fan or reading writing. The goal is to give credit to great creators- no matter what they write.

By joining you agree to...
- link your writing to this group
- *take part in the tasks assigned by me (TryingToFindTheWords aka Savannah)*
- comment others pieces
- and have fun! :]


There are a few groups that focus on writing and writes but I promise this one will be updated regularly. So invite your friends! Post your writing in the correct collections and have fun!

Write On!

xo Savannah

ps - The lyrics in the header are from a Jason Mraz song. :]


On to the subject of Tasks! :]

Tasks will be about every week or two weeks. Don't worry you aren't going to be graded or anything. This is just to encourage people to write and express their emotions. Check my journals for the prompt! But please participate in them! It doesnt matter if you think you are a bad writer. Just express your feelings!

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