Very Much Alive

At the very least, a way to collect pictures from...more»
At the very least, a way to collect pictures from Very Much Alive Day on February 26th of each year.

I hope it can eventually grow to be yet another haven for people who sometimes need to remember that life is worth living and that the world is full of strength and love.


ALL PICTURES ADDED TO THIS GROUP MUST FEATURE THE WORDS "VERY MUCH ALIVE" SOMEWHERE IN THEM. I hate to have to crack down, but I really didn't expect this to take off like it has. Pictures that DO NOT feature the words will be removed from the group.

Also: the focus of this group is on issues such as suicide, self-harm, eating disorders and mental illness. While I welcome you to share articles, links and information on these topics, anything you wish to post that falls outside of them should be cleared with me as the group's maintainer first. Odds are I'll let it through anyway, but I'd like to be aware of how much Off Topic posting is going on. Not that there's a lot of it. And hey, Off Topic is fun sometimes. Just clear it with me for good measure, 'kay?

Kooky Jun 25, 2012

I am very much alive because I have found a creative outlet for my thoughts

Hi everyone, I am new to buzznet, so not 100% sure what I'm doing yet. I have created a website illustrating the creative side of…
greymatters Feb 20, 2012

Love Me For Who I Am

So this is the finished product of a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears! Please please PLEASE watch it and share around. It's made to…
Saportia Feb 10, 2012

A message to you guys from a close friend of mine...

Helloooo there.Hope everyone is well! Happy New Year and Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah and whatnot. So today I have a big request for you guys. Here's…
Saportia Jan 22, 2012
Very Much Alive 2011pic

Very Much Alive 2011

It's Very Much Alive Day! I just posted a webcam pic for it about 30 minutes ago, but I figured since I still had time, I…
Rhianna Feb 26, 2011
Very Much Alive 2011pic

Very Much Alive 2011

It's Very Much Alive Day '11, and I'm posting at 11:11 pm (Just 39 minutes to spare!) Excuse the webcam quality :)
Rhianna Feb 26, 2011
57365: Very Much Alivepic

57/365: Very Much Alive

For Ashly. I'm still here.
El Rich
El Rich Feb 26, 2011
Very Much Alive: Ranpic

Very Much Alive: Ran

My friend Ran, who is sans-Buzznet account, asked me to post this for her. So, I did.
Ashly Feb 26, 2011
Very Much Alive 2011pic
Still Alive!pic