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A group for all fans of Valencia on Buzznet! Valencia met...more»
A group for all fans of Valencia on Buzznet!

Valencia met by playing local shows together around the tri-state area in separate bands. George and JD grew up together; attending elementary school, high school, and their first year of college. They joined a band in 2001 called The Capgun Heroes with Brendan and former member Sean Mundy. Shane sang in the band Attracted to Miss and Max played drums in The Emphasis. In 2004 the group decided to come together and form what is known today as Valencia. The name comes from Valencia, Spain. In 2005 Valencia signed to I Surrender Records after the label's owner, Midtown's drummer Rob Hitt, heard their demo tape. After playing the Warped Tour in 2005, they released their first album, This Could Be A Possibility, in October 2005, which was re-released in September 2006.

Valencia's second album, We All Need a Reason to Believe will be released on August 26, 2008. The band's follow up to 2005's This Could Be a Possibility will feature 11 tracks.

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Valencia's The Wayvid

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Valencia's "The Way"

I proudly present to you my second ever video production: a tour-documentary meets live-music video for Valencia's "The Way." The track is from their 2010…
KatieJRod Aug 23, 2011
leggybowtwanger Feb 22, 2009

Valencia's New Music Video For "Where Did You Go?"

Official music video for "Where Did You Go" off of the new album "We All Need A Reason To Believe" out now! The video is shot…
leggybowtwanger Nov 27, 2008
Valencia - Freevid

Valencia - Free

Akron, OH
leggybowtwanger Sep 28, 2008
Valencia - The Good Lifevid
leggybowtwanger Sep 25, 2008


He's the greatest.


George decided to crowd surf and he was right over me so I took this photo, I think I blinded him haha
devindevindevin Sep 23, 2008
Philadelphia makes me feel homepic
Valencia The Opera House Toronto 09172008pic
Valencia The Opera House Toronto 09172008pic