I freeking love everything Japanese. Welcome to the colourful, wacky...more»
I freeking love everything Japanese.
Welcome to the colourful, wacky and original posts of those here on buzznet who love the Japanese culture.

Please feel free to join.
The more the share our obsession... the better <3

5 Oddball Things Ive Seen This Week: Japan Edition

I travel a lot as a singer and in my travels I find myself in some pretty strange situations and focus on the random and…
Kentö May 18, 2014

Art Spotlight: Sweet, Sweet Galaxy 2011

Again, I found this trawling the wide web of tumblr,  This landscape art was created by two Australian Artists, Nicole Andrijevic and Tanya Schultz using Sugar…

Make up by me: Rainbow eyes

For weeks, I tried to perfect the Rainbow eye on myself- however, was ony met by failures upon failures but before I went away last…
Who likes shorts shorts ?pic

etsy finds love for esty

scum bums etsy finds im addidicted to esty<3 im also on instagram if anyone would like to follow me scumbum92   have a beautfuil week much…
scum bum
scum bum Jan 07, 2014

Spotlight Artist: Valfre

Now I only got introduced to her art earlier today through LimeCrimes facebook, but already I'm a fan of Valfre's artwork. Its the quirky fashion illustration…

My Kawaii Mood Board

Today I've managed to get another chapter out of the way for a book that I'm hopefully set to publish the end of Christmas, so…

Halloween 2013: Animal Crossing Edition

If you follow my twitter (@sarahsharkbait)- or the link on my right, you would know that I am currently addicted to Animal Crossing: New leaf…


snugzmusic May 15, 2013
POTD: Canuck Hello Kittypic

POTD: Canuck Hello Kitty

Hi (: As you probaly know the NHLlock out ended today, which means hockey is back on..kinda. Confession I dont really care about hockey I only…
Faith Lorna
Faith Lorna Jan 06, 2013