To Write Love On Her Arms: The Storytellers

Welcome to the TWLOHA Buzznet Group!

Here you can share your progress and stories from TWLOHA's The Storytellers campaign and keep up with other participants.


  • Join this group by clicking "Join Group" in the upper right corner of this page.
  • Post blogs, photos, and videos of you and your highschool's fundraising efforts by clicking "Post to Group" in the upper right corner of this page.
  • Read updates from other schools and start discussions about successful fundraising tactics, inspiring ideas, and more!  

Online marketing is an essential tool in fundraising, so be sure to utilize the Buzznet community to raise awareness for your campaign.  Stand-out posts in this group will be featured on the Buzznet Homepage!

For more information on The Storytellers program, go to to read all about it

Good luck with your Storytelling!

Disclaimer: This is not a group to seek help or treatment for the issues TWLOHA is about. If you or someone you know is struggling please visit our Find Help page or email Please do not post graphic or triggering text/images.

This Group was once home to a T-Shirt design contest hosted by TWLOHA, Buzznet, and Whitney Port. You can still view the contest details HERE, and you can scroll through the posts within this group to view some of the amazing entries the contest received.

The contest has ended, but be sure to read the blog about the winning entry, and we hope to see you on Warped Tour this year where you can pick up the T-shirt from our merch booth!


Online TOEFL iBT Practice test by TOEFL Networkpic

Online TOEFL iBT Practice test by TOEFL Network

TOEFL Network is an online TOEFL e-learning website offering ibt TOEFL listening, speaking, reading, and writing practice materials for students to prepare for TOEFL test.
James Liu
James Liu Dec 05, 2014
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Rural Fencing & Picket Fencing at Melbourne

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thinkfencing Nov 19, 2014

You Can Eat E.Coli With These Yummy Popsicles

Hey luvs, I stumbled upon these cute and kinda creepy popsicles on twitter today via Wired but here's the thing the popsicles are shaped like viruses…
Faith Lorna
Faith Lorna Nov 13, 2014
The Foxman Box Setpic

The Foxman Box Set

This is an offer you can't refuse. My brand new The Hollywood Blacklist CD (17 songs) was officially released on October 31, 2014. This album…
Foxman Nov 13, 2014
The Mime at the Crossroads www.foxmanmusic.compic

The Mime at the Crossroads (

The mime is my ultra-mysterious, ultra-creative bass player persona. My new The Hollywood Blacklist CD will be released on Halloween 2014. The new CD features 17…
Foxman Oct 18, 2014
Foxman Cartoon Mimepic

Foxman Cartoon Mime

My 5th Independent album The Hollywood Blacklist will be released on Halloween 2014 !! 17 songs, nearly one full hour of groundbreaking music, ultra-creative song themes and…
Foxman Oct 05, 2014
The Hollywood Blacklist 2014, 17 songspic

The Hollywood Blacklist (2014, 17 songs)

My 5th Independent album release The Hollywood Blacklist (17 songs) will be released on October 31, 2014. 17 new songs, nearly one full hour of groundbreaking music…
Foxman Sep 23, 2014
The Foxman Apocalypsepic

The Foxman Apocalypse

Come join in the mayhem known as Foxman Music 
Foxman Jun 30, 2014


what have i been up to? a few things actually... I GOT A JOB AT DUNKIN DONUTS!!!  i also got a miley cyrus haircut that i will…

World Premiere: Starving In Suburbia!

nbsp; An eating disorder is not just about wanting to be skinny. It’s about control. We all feel so powerless and overwhelmed in this world…the society…
Forbidden Apr 25, 2014