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To DIY For: Makeover Your Bag With CDs!

There’s no such thing as having too many cute purses in your closet, but it’s important to have one that stands out as one of…
AmehKristine Feb 16, 2014

To DIY For: Make A Fresh And Fun Hair Comb! (VIDEO)

January is the month when most everyone wants to do something different with their hair. While some will opt for drastic cuts or a shocking…
AmehKristine Jan 14, 2013

To DIY For: Enter Your School In The Vans Custom Culture Contest! (VIDEO)

It’s no secret schools across the country are strapped for cash and could use help funding their art programs. Luckily, Vans shoes has stepped in…
AmehKristine Jan 07, 2013

To DIY For: Make a Turban Headband!

Everyone has bad hair days and sometimes a hat isn’t the quick fix you’re looking for. In just a few easy steps, you can learn…
AmehKristine Dec 31, 2012

To DIY For: Make a Tangerine Peel Candle Holder!

Satsuma tangerines are not only a staple holiday fruit, but absolutely adorable in size! In just a few easy steps, I’m going to show you…
AmehKristine Dec 24, 2012

To DIY For: Make A Zipper Bracelet!

Exposed zippers have emerged as a hot trend that can give your look a little edge. In just a few easy steps, you can learn…
AmehKristine Dec 17, 2012

To DIY For: Make A No Sew Studded Clutch!

During the holidays, the one thing every girl needs is a fabulous clutch that goes with everything! Not everyone can afford the extra accessory, but…
AmehKristine Dec 10, 2012

To DIY For: Make A Pearl Bobby Pin!

When someone mentions pearls, the first thing that comes to a lot of minds is that they're reserved for elderly women and that’s just not…
AmehKristine Dec 03, 2012

To DIY For: Make A Cool Holiday Chain To Wear Four Ways!

This time of year calls for tons of festive decorating and that includes loading up on shiny accessories to make you sparkle! In this fast…
AmehKristine Nov 20, 2012

To DIY For: Make A Velvet Bow-Tie

This season, bows, ties and other neck embellishments are everywhere! It’s a super cute trend that adds some sass to anyone’s style! In this easy…
AmehKristine Nov 12, 2012