The Rejects

Basically, your here because you've been rejected You wear skinny leg...more»
Basically, your here because you've been rejected

You wear skinny leg jeans, tight shirts and are in love with a band member? You're rejected because your emo

You love mohawks, tatt's and hate the government? You're rejected because your punk

You've grown your hair long, dyed it black, and wear black clothes everywhere but make your face pale as can be? You're rejected because your goth

Whatever the reason you've been rejected for ... You can let it out here

Whoever you've been rejected from ... You can talk about it here

And at the same time ... You can be as insane as you want, as serious as you want ... No matter what, you'll be perfect to the rest of us Rejects

'My Friend', Shahpic

'My Friend', Shah

Mood- Moony Song of the week - D.EC.O.R.A.T.E by local artist, Yuna. This lyric really haunts me "So you decided to see me out of the blue Should I…
hanna_hajime Oct 12, 2010
The Chaser's War On Everything - Online Bulletin EMOvid

The Chaser's War On Everything - Online Bulletin = EMO

... 1 word ... Fucking hilarious (Ignore the fact it's 2) (Note: Yes I love MCR, no I don't think their Emo ... GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!)
mcrobsessor Feb 06, 2008
Rejected me!pic
0pikay0 Jan 02, 2008

My gothic underground space

Chat, videos, hot pics, music, models, gothic guys&gals, tattoo, piercing, fetish, b...Ok, should I introduce more? I am not sure what to ut here tho.
gothnikki Dec 21, 2007
To Max! max2daxtreme I'm always here for you! Keep this picci!pic


Come on and share the love in this wonderful, special group! I want you people to post anything you want that shows others who you…
xbumblebeex Nov 21, 2007

This is how I feel!

Its how I've felt for the past few weeks now! I can't take it it and you'll get it! PAPA ROACH "What Do You Do?"I got…
xbumblebeex Nov 19, 2007

Who would you meet ?

Out of these who would you like most to meet and why !

Who in your oppinion is hotter??

Niamh thinks Jamie is the sexiest while I think its Mikey and Orla thinks its Wendy
mikeysgirl Oct 14, 2007