The Non USA Buzznetters

Yeah, we get it, Buzznet is a USA production and...more»
Yeah, we get it, Buzznet is a USA production and about 70% of users on here come from the land of the free. And we love you, truly. You're rad, you're talented and you're awesome.
However, we, the Non-North Americans, feel, well, underrated and underdogged. We can't enter competions, we can't get the prizes and we are rarely heard.

This group is to whore talents from individuals that aren't from the States

So speak your talent

Join us in our campaign

Sarah and Jenny


Interview With Kenz Torres

Dear Buzznet & Buzzneters, I'm so honored to introduce you Kenz Torres, new member of our amazing community. He's young man from beautiful place on…
Forbidden Jun 22, 2014

Barz Movement Concert Bruse Wane Performing Live June 26th NYC

This event has been moved to June 26th !! Reblogged from GothamEmpire [Come See] Bruse Wane Performing Live June 26th 2014 NYC !! Wane Enterprises Ceo, and New…
GothamEmpire Jun 17, 2014

Say What?! The Great Divide EP Teaser

Hey fellaz! It's been a while since my last post here on Buzznet, but I'm right back at it again with awesome news! My friends of…
EdIsAGenius Apr 22, 2014

My 2 Year Buzziversary!

Days, weeks, months and years now. I’m here and I see how this time changed me. Today it’s unique day to me. I’m on Buzznet…
Forbidden Apr 11, 2014

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Goes 90's

My guys of Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! are featured on Fearless Records latest Punk Goes... compilation. This time, punk bands covered songs from the 90s. Chunk! have covered Smash…
EdIsAGenius Mar 31, 2014

Slam Dunk 2014

Annual british festival Slam Dunk Ltd is currently announcing the bands playing the 2014 edition at the end of May. The first announcement included The All-American Rejects…
EdIsAGenius Mar 28, 2014

I Stay True To Myself

Always is so hard to say about it. I don't like these moments when people judge me. I don't judge them so I don't understand…
Forbidden Mar 22, 2014
Dear Future Momvid

"Dear Future Mom"

I don't know if you know but in this Friday we will celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. So, I want to share with you touching…
Forbidden Mar 18, 2014

How Spring Changed Me

When you wanna change something in your life, nevery try to be someone else. I know that is hard but you can through by every…
Forbidden Mar 14, 2014

Photo Diary: PARIS

I was in Paris for a week and here's my photo diary from the trip. It was such a beautiful city! Instagram: reettaevelina
Reetta Evelina
Reetta Evelina Mar 10, 2014