The Non USA Buzznetters

Yeah, we get it, Buzznet is a USA production and...more»
Yeah, we get it, Buzznet is a USA production and about 70% of users on here come from the land of the free. And we love you, truly. You're rad, you're talented and you're awesome.
However, we, the Non-North Americans, feel, well, underrated and underdogged. We can't enter competions, we can't get the prizes and we are rarely heard.

This group is to whore talents from individuals that aren't from the States

So speak your talent

Join us in our campaign

Sarah and Jenny


Exclusive Interview: Ludovika Koch

nbsp; I am really impressed with Ludovika Koch.  She  is an upcoming model and fashion designer. When Ludovika was 14, she showed the first collection at…
Forbidden 12 hrs ago
Website Design Service Company in St Louispic

Website Design Service Company in St Louis

MR2 Creative is a boutique marketing agency dedicated to connecting you to your customers with persuasive Social Media, SEO and award winning Website Design in…
mr2creative Mar 21, 2015
What is Online Marketing MR2 Creativevid

What is Online Marketing | MR2 Creative

MR2 Creative offering Online Marketing full-service of Branding, Social Media, SEO, Web Design, Graphic Design, Print Design and Responsive Websites at St Louis.
mr2creative Feb 03, 2015

[VIDEO] Watch Bruse Wane - Performance @ Legendary Smash Studios.. New York

Reblogged from GothamEmpire [VIDEO] Watch Bruse Wane - Performance @ Legendary Smash Studios.. New York Wane Enterprises.. Bruse Wane was recently in New York City for a…
GothamEmpire Feb 02, 2015

Photo Diary: LONDON

I just posted a bunch of photos from my trip to London. Do you guys have any recommendations for my next trip? xo
Reetta Evelina
Reetta Evelina Jan 22, 2015

The Best Of Mine 2014

This year has been crazy, not only for me. During these 12 months happened too many things. But  now I want to think about the…
Forbidden Dec 25, 2014

And How Am I Supposed To Live?

nbsp; Life hurts. People hurt too. Maybe I'm naive but but I believe in every person. I want to trust you but I know that…
Forbidden Dec 13, 2014

[New Music] Bruse Wane -Kingdom "Freestyle"

Reblogged from GothamEmpire Bruse Wane is back like he never left after dropping his head banging single Hercules.  With Thanksgiving, right around the corner the Wane…
GothamEmpire Nov 28, 2014

World Premiere Bruse Wane - Hercules

Reblogged from GothamEmpire [World Premiere] Bruse Wane - Hercules By Unspoken Truth Fresh off  his Sean Price Collaboration "Beast Inside" Bruse Wane continues his epic fight against good…
GothamEmpire Oct 02, 2014

My Journey: From Suffering To Dreams

I have too many secrets. Often living with them paralyzes me and cuts my weak wings. For some time sad past comes back to me…
Forbidden Aug 15, 2014