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Buzznet Exclusive: 30 Seconds To Mars ‘This Is War with 100 Suns’ Music Video Premiere

Today Buzznet and our friends at PureVolume are the only two lucky outlets to unveil 30 Seconds To Mars’ “This is War with 100…

an interview with 30 second to mars about their new album.....kerrang 31/12/08

Hey guys this article was in kerrang magazine and i had to put it up! sadly my scanner isn't working so i wrote up the…
30 SECONDS TO MARS - EMA-2008vid


They got the Best International Rock Artist award in MTV Los Premios 2008. They are cool like that. :D
Phankam Oct 17, 2008
Tomo Milicevicpic
aprilsun Sep 26, 2008

Jared and Shannon Leto sued by Virgin Records.

Virgin Records sues Jared Leto's band for $30M 7 hours ago LOS ANGELES (AP) — Hardcore fans of 30 Seconds to Mars aren't the only…
Viki Aug 16, 2008
30 seconds to mars - TMF Interview Holland 09-02-2008vid

30 seconds to mars - TMF Interview Holland 09-02-2008

The interviewer says something in dutch in the middle of the interview meaning to say that there is no way of talking to these guys…
Shan pic

Shan ♥♥♥♥ officially the most beautiful guy in the my opinion anyway :) ♥♥♥♥ Thanks to Viki for this, you have made my week :)
Sexy Sexy Shannon pic

Sexy Sexy Shannon ♥

Nice !!! :)
40somethingmcrfan Mar 31, 2008
Sexy Shannon Live !! pic

Sexy Shannon Live !! ♥

This does wonders for my mask fetish!!!!