"The Band Who Changed My Life"

There's one band or solo artist who changed everyone's life...more»
There's one band or solo artist who changed everyone's life... what's yours? This is where you can express your love to the band or artist who impacted your life.

For me, the band who changed my life was Fall Out Boy. I know that some people think of them as sellouts and overated, but they were the band who made me listen to rock music again. During the time where not much great music was coming out, I gave my try to listen to Alternative Rock. The song I played online was "Saturday." That became my anthem and when I listened to all of their songs, I was inspired to take a jab in music by learning how to play guitar and piano. They made me love rock music since I was more of a hip hop kid before(which was hard to believe, but true). Without them, I wouldn't discover other great bands that were out there.

So that was the band who changed my life. What about the rest of you guys?!

Anyways, in this group, you can talk about any band you like.


storm trooper Lollispic

storm trooper Lollis

Im not a big fan of the empires rule, but these storm trooper lollis are just to die for!  Dont force choke on them though!
melodyerin 11 hrs ago
Henna tatoos!pic

Henna tatoos!

As an artist, Henna is an amazing medium and awesome summer trend for anyone and everyone! The good thing about henna versus regular inking....it does…
melodyerin 12 hrs ago

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scum bum
scum bum Jan 24, 2014

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All day staring at the ceiling Making friends with shadows on my wall All night hearing voices telling me That I should get some sleep Because tomorrow might be good for somethingpic
Luke Potter - One Day original song YouTube Videovid

Luke Potter - One Day (original song) YouTube Video

The band that changed my life was the Goo Goo Dolls. After listening to them, it inspired me to pick up a guitar and teach…
lukepottermusic Jan 01, 2013

John Lennon & The Beatles

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And in the back of the truck I'll find the antidote All the passengers know it's time to jump the boat Your children will remember every word you say Never doubt that youre leading them astraypic