Teenagers Who Care

I wanted to make a group that would mean something...more»
I wanted to make a group that would mean something to me. One that I could stick with.

I wanted a group that wasn't about a label, a guy in a band or something like that.

This group is for Teenagers who care about something. It doesn't have to be one thing. It's not something we all have to like. I want to start debates about issues in society today.
Music, movies, pop culture, you name it. But there's one thing I won't tolerate. I will delete anything that has to do with 'E-Scene' or 'EMO' .

This group is for anything real. Something you have a passion for. Photography, making music, making art, something going on in society today.

Let's show buzznet and the internet we're not just a bunch of mindless fools, we have a mind of our own.
I want to see things that you don't normally see on Buzznet. If you want to discuss politics, prejudice, crime or anything.
I want to see what you think about the world today


Anty-Bullying Campaign: I Will Survivevid

Anty-Bullying Campaign: "I Will Survive"

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NEW VIDEO!!! Aylin The Lucky Charms - 10 Feet Tall Official Videovid

NEW VIDEO!!! Aylin & The Lucky Charms - 10 Feet Tall [Official Video]

Performed by: Aylin (http://aylincadir.ro/, https://www.facebook.com/AylinCadirOf...)  Video: Commitet Written by: Naz Tokio, Elena Morosanu. Lyrics: Naz Tokio, Elena Morosanu. Producer:Andy PlatonDirector: Andrei Tanase Production & Post Production: Commitetwww.commitet.com Make-up: Ayfer CadirHair: Cristi…
AylinCadir Dec 16, 2013
Aylin The Lucky Charms - 10 Feet Tall Official Lyrics Versionvid

Aylin & The Lucky Charms - 10 Feet Tall [Official Lyrics Version]

Performed by: Aylin (http://aylincadir.ro/, https://www.facebook.com/AylinCadirOf...) Written by: Naz Tokio, Elena Morosanu.Lyrics: Naz Tokio, Elena Morosanu.Lyrics video: Grosu Andrei.Producers: Baisan Emanuel-Alexandru (Alex Baisan)Platon Eduard-Andrei ( Andy…
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Andrs Peaherrerapic
Eat, You Have A Choice!pic

Eat, You Have A Choice!

Whoop!!!Whooop!! My new project is called "Eat, You Have A Choice!" And I want to help people who struggle with ‪eating disorders‬( anorexia, bulimia, ednos…
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Andres Peaherrerapic

Defiance syfy

 Syfy has done it again with their show called Defiance that is a tv show plus game at the sametime it has something that not…
deathnote15357 Apr 26, 2013

Luke Potter

Hey. I am luke potter and I have a music video out called "One Day" I would love if everyone would listen to my music…
lukepottermusic Jan 07, 2013