Sweeney Todd

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I never thought that this day would come where i would confess such a thing i kept under my tounge for so long. but this is…
kingofthecityofevil Jan 24, 2008


I like this girl, and I am also female. But she looks and acts like a boy, I am unsure what to do.
shhlbee Jan 21, 2008

Forgive me.

I know I'm Bi, but I come from this uber conservative family, I've tried hinting at it, but at no avail.  Maybe someday...I'll come out.

Confession To Sweeney

I have sexual fantasies about a 29 year old English teacher at my school.  I'm 16.

Forgive me Johnny for I have sinned

I drove too close to a parked car, hit it and drove off. I told my dad I hit a tree and he paid to get…
fluffycannibal Jan 13, 2008

i have lead men in to gang fights.

hello. well here it is in a nut shell.i have lead man in to battle,not in a war but in a gang fights.im not the guy…
duncan289 Jan 09, 2008

i confess!

i confess that i currently really like someone. we're dating, but not official yet. we both are into each other, but im still waiting for…
eva25 Jan 06, 2008

I like him

I confess that I like my best friend, but he doesn't know that, and my friends have kept it a secret for a long time
lizpwns Jan 04, 2008


I drink almost 12 cups of chamomile tea a day.
gloomylolita Jan 04, 2008

My Confession

 I found out that my uncle has a shoe fetish. XD
gloomylolita Jan 04, 2008