The Summer of Buzz

Welcome to the The Summer of Buzz - Home to our ultimate creative challenge of the 2011 summer season!



We spent 3 months searching for the best content creators in 4 categories: Pop Culture, Music, Fashion, and Art/Photography in a creative competition called The Summer of Buzz

Each category was judged by the Buzznet EditorsSeventeen Magazine Editors, and additional esteemed judges with expertise in each area of competition.  

The judges had their work cut out for them as thousands of entries from some of the most talented bloggers, aspiring writers, and photographers from across the globe shared their talents with us--but it is now time to announce the winners!

So without further ado, here are the winners for each category:


Amy wowed us with her vast knowledge and appreciation of some of our favorite artists including My Chemical RomancePanic! at the DiscoPatrick Stump, and many more. Amy started blogging on Buzznet when Summer of Buzz launched, and we couldn't be happier to have her as an official music blogger from now on!  


Faith was chosen as the Fashion winner thanks to her consistent posts about all the things we love to read about!  Posting about everything from makeup to models,  braids to Balenciaga, FaithyFantastic definitely has what it takes to be our newest official Buzznet Fashion blogger!


All it takes is just one glance at NoeliaT's blog to see that she is a complete Pop Culture fanatic.  Over the past few months she has become a frequent contributor to the Buzznet community, and she keeps her followers constantly up to date on MileyLady GagaSelena Gomez, and so much more.  We're thrilled to have her as our new official Buzznet Pop Culture blogger! 


Brittany, AKA ToLoveAndBack has been sharing her extradordinary art with Buzznet since 2010. She's passionate about photography, and it certainly shows in her photo posts. Brittany documents her life andtravels on Buzznet through her photos, and we're extremely grateful that we get to come along for the ride.  Brittany is sure to be the perfect Official Buzznet Art + Photography contributor!

Congratulations to our four winners!  Be sure to follow them all to keep up with their posts, and keep an eye out for their featured stories on the Buzznet Homepage.

If you didn't take home the gold this time around, fear not, for we here at Buzznet shall be giving you other opportunities to have your work featured as well as win other contests!


The full contest rules and instructions for Summer of Buzz can still be viewed HERE.  



Street Sweepers Changing gas bottle on RCM Mille sweeping machinvid

Street Sweepers | Changing gas bottle on RCM Mille sweeping machin

Demonstration of the ease of changing an LPG bottle on the updated RCM Mille sweeping machine. Machine imported from Italy by Sweepers Australia Pty Ltd…
charliecollett 11 hrs ago
TOEFLNETWORK Speaking Questionvid

TOEFLNETWORK | Speaking Question

TOEFL Network help students all over the world prepare for the TOEFL iBT test. All topics were found from people that previously took the iBT…
James Liu
James Liu Nov 21, 2014
Rural Fencing Picket Fencing at Melbournepic

Rural Fencing & Picket Fencing at Melbourne

Rural Fencing & Picket Fencing was originally manufactured to provide horse owners with safe, durable fencing, the benefits of environmentally friendly PVC fencing are now…
thinkfencing Nov 19, 2014

Roones Paintings

RoonesRoones painting - Elissa singer
roones Nov 18, 2014

Roones Paintings

RoonesRoones Painting - Pinki
roones Nov 05, 2014

Roones Paintings

RoonesRoones Painting - Pinki
roones Nov 05, 2014
RCM Bit Ride On Floor Scrubbers from Sweepers Australiavid

RCM Bit Ride On Floor Scrubbers from Sweepers Australia

If you have an area where you cant use a large machine, or you have to do some emergency cleaning when public is present, or…
charliecollett Oct 22, 2014

Roones paintings

Roones paintingsRoones painting closeups
roones Sep 24, 2014

Roones illustrations

Roones Roones 'Icecream beauty"
roones Sep 24, 2014

Mezzrow Joins Smalls, Independent Film Week, Kiev Media Week, Pop Montreal, are highlights in September's Global Media and Entertainment Industry

The fifth annual Burbank International Film Festival - in Burbank - has Opening Night Ceremony and featured film, film screenings, seminars and panels with industry…
actorschecklist Sep 10, 2014