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This group is created to be a place where you...more»
This group is created to be a place where you can tell that cute story about what happened this morning on your way to school or work! Maybe something funny happened when you were 8 and you still think about it now! Tell us about it! This is a place for us who wish to know more about each others lives can come and just enjoy reading about our besties! You can include anything you want us to know, or think we would appreciate! It can be anything from an assignment for school to the description you write and post with your photos! It can be short or long! It can be simple or complicated! Many of your 365 projects would be perfect for this group! Any story is a good story in my opinion! That said, I must include that this group is not for fanfiction! It is for real stories from your life! So please get creative and share!

Winter Berries?pic

Winter Berries?

I don't know if these are berries, seeds, or something else, but they are on the bush right outside my front door!  I thought they…
CANDLE Nov 14, 2014
Marine Mompic

Marine Mom

This is a terrible photo of a t-shirt that would not lay flat !  It was my birthday present from my mom!  It doesn't need…
CANDLE Nov 12, 2014
Dinner Datepic

Dinner Date

Tonight I went out to dinner with Tom!  We ate Hoppie's Landing which happens to be the upstairs of the Pellston Regional Airport !  It…
CANDLE Nov 11, 2014
Fall Or Winter?pic

Fall Or Winter?

Fall or winter?  Winter has hit us before fall has finished it's dance!  Mother Nature is as confused as everyone else up here in the…
CANDLE Nov 10, 2014


This was Kay and I having some fun with costumes and my camera back in 2009!  I always thought this shot was really creative! I…
CANDLE Nov 06, 2014

10 New Tips To Stay Positive

Every day we meet many people. They don't always show us favor. Sometimes we ourselves react the wrong way on the surroundings comments. Then we…
Forbidden Nov 05, 2014


Today was my first infusion, and it wasn't too bad!  They do them much differently than they did back in 2004 when I had the…
CANDLE Nov 04, 2014

Halloween Photo Blog

The weekend has gotten away from me!  I just couldn't let it end without posting my Halloween photo blog!  I have to write this in…
CANDLE Nov 02, 2014

Cele mai bune ponturi de pariuri sigure pentru incepatori

nbsp;          Inceputul carierei tale de parior poate fi dezastruos daca nu respecti cateva regului simple. Acestea se refera atat la managementul…
vasilebogdan Oct 31, 2014


These are 2 of Kay's Jack O'Lanterns that she carved this year!  You can't see it here, but they are white pumkins!  She carved them…
CANDLE Oct 30, 2014