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This group is created to be a place where you...more»
This group is created to be a place where you can tell that cute story about what happened this morning on your way to school or work! Maybe something funny happened when you were 8 and you still think about it now! Tell us about it! This is a place for us who wish to know more about each others lives can come and just enjoy reading about our besties! You can include anything you want us to know, or think we would appreciate! It can be anything from an assignment for school to the description you write and post with your photos! It can be short or long! It can be simple or complicated! Many of your 365 projects would be perfect for this group! Any story is a good story in my opinion! That said, I must include that this group is not for fanfiction! It is for real stories from your life! So please get creative and share!

My Viewpic

My View

This is what it looks like behind our current apartment !  When I step out the back door, this is what I see! ( : …
CANDLE Apr 19, 2015
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Melting Ice on the Bay

Well, I couldn't post this as a photo and have the photo appear!  It was just the text!  So I am trying a blog!  Here…
CANDLE Apr 16, 2015

Can I Post?

Okay, so I am going to try to post as you are having success!  I still can't comment though! :(  I have been seeing your…
CANDLE Apr 15, 2015
Love's Majestypic
Love's Majestypic

Carlig de remorcare pentru masina ta 4*4

Reblogged from vasilebogdan Aveti o masina Toyota Hilux , iar spatiul de depozitare din bena nu va este intotdeauna suficient pentru transportul produselor sau bagajelor? Aveti…
vasilebogdan Apr 09, 2015