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This group is created to be a place where you...more»
This group is created to be a place where you can tell that cute story about what happened this morning on your way to school or work! Maybe something funny happened when you were 8 and you still think about it now! Tell us about it! This is a place for us who wish to know more about each others lives can come and just enjoy reading about our besties! You can include anything you want us to know, or think we would appreciate! It can be anything from an assignment for school to the description you write and post with your photos! It can be short or long! It can be simple or complicated! Many of your 365 projects would be perfect for this group! Any story is a good story in my opinion! That said, I must include that this group is not for fanfiction! It is for real stories from your life! So please get creative and share!

Uncle Loupic

Uncle Lou

Tonight Kay and I went to the Open Mic Night at the Harbor Springs Library!  Our library has an open mic night!!!  I can't believe…
CANDLE Feb 16, 2015
Black Squirrelpic

Black Squirrel

Hi everyone!  Thank you for commenting on my fragmented posts! (:  You guys and gals are the BEST!!!  I was really excited when I got…
CANDLE Feb 15, 2015


Two playing.
5footer Feb 09, 2015
Christmas Hatspic

Christmas Hats

Taken Christmas Eve.  
5footer Feb 09, 2015

A Bitter Sweet Year

This has been a bad year for our family, we have lost Hubby's parents.  Hubby's Mum died July 10th 2014, she had her hip operated…
5footer Feb 09, 2015

Exclusive Interview With Dookie Woop

I believe that you heard about incredible Dookie Woop, an awesome photographer, blogger, student of music, androgynous/alternative model and member on Buzznet from beautiful Brazil…
Forbidden Feb 06, 2015


If you start to read ( How to be Parisian wherever you are ) and don’t fall in love; get the fuck outta my life…
wreakshavoc Feb 04, 2015


Facebook is stupid, I said it… Okay maybe to some its still the hottest thing and best way to publicly have yourself seen and heard but…
wreakshavoc Feb 03, 2015
Smoochie and Things and Newspic

Smoochie and Things and News

Some people have thought that my absence as of late meant that I am leaving Buzznet!  I am certainly not!  I just have SO  MUCH…
CANDLE Jan 12, 2015

My Little Sister, My Little Brother

I'm ready to share with you my the first short book, I will publish a chapter almost every day. I worked on the "My little…
Forbidden Jan 05, 2015