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This group is created to be a place where you...more»
This group is created to be a place where you can tell that cute story about what happened this morning on your way to school or work! Maybe something funny happened when you were 8 and you still think about it now! Tell us about it! This is a place for us who wish to know more about each others lives can come and just enjoy reading about our besties! You can include anything you want us to know, or think we would appreciate! It can be anything from an assignment for school to the description you write and post with your photos! It can be short or long! It can be simple or complicated! Many of your 365 projects would be perfect for this group! Any story is a good story in my opinion! That said, I must include that this group is not for fanfiction! It is for real stories from your life! So please get creative and share!

Hiking And Fishing With Trevor

Sunday was put aside for Trevor and I to hang out before he heads back up to college!  We had set out on our journey…
CANDLE Aug 19, 2014
Shooting Some Hoopspic

Shooting Some Hoops

This 6 foot 1 inch man that you see before you was once my baby boy! It amazes me that he is about to start…
CANDLE Aug 17, 2014
Tonight's Sunsetpic

Tonight's Sunset

Today was Kay's day off and we had such a great time!  We slept late and then headed up to my mom's for the afternoon! …
CANDLE Aug 16, 2014

My Journey: From Suffering To Dreams

I have too many secrets. Often living with them paralyzes me and cuts my weak wings. For some time sad past comes back to me…
Forbidden Aug 15, 2014
Not A Sunsetpic

Not A Sunset

Well the sun is small in the background! This is, of course, my secret spot again!  It is the last sunset we have had!  We…
CANDLE Aug 12, 2014
Itty Bitty Doggypic

Itty Bitty Doggy

Meet my itty bitty friend that traveled all the way to me in Jordan's pocket when he came home from Japan! I have meant to…
CANDLE Aug 10, 2014
Another Sunsetpic

Another Sunset

I know I said that I was going to do a photo blog of yesterday at the lake!  But, Buzznet is being glitchy, so here…
CANDLE Aug 08, 2014
My Oldestpic

My Oldest

I really shouldn't pose for photos on days where I wear NO make up! (:  I don't care!  It was GREAT to spend the day…
CANDLE Aug 07, 2014

Exclusive Interview With Neeshabetha Lanithro Lomtev

I’m so honored to interview Neeshabetha Lanithro Lomtev. She is an awesome designer, singer, songwriter and blogger from London. I believe that you know her…
Forbidden Aug 07, 2014
Evening Sun 2pic

Evening Sun 2

This is the other shot that I got last Friday at my "secret" spot !  I am thinking there was probably a great sunset tonight…
CANDLE Aug 05, 2014