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The Last Goodnight would like to hear what STAY BEAUTIFUL...more»

The Last Goodnight would like to hear what STAY BEAUTIFUL means to you!

This is your forum to express yourself, so share your ideas via video, poems, pictures, drawings, blogs…Be creative!

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Stay Beautiful music video

Stay Beautiful

I was at Neiman Marcus tonight and heard your song over the speakers. I loved it. When I got home I watched you music video it is…
byrd90 Oct 10, 2009

Staying Beautiful

I saw you guys at LaZona Rosa in Austin, Texas lastnight. I will be honest I had heard "Stay Beautiful" on the radio but didn't…
redshe2005 Jun 30, 2008
face- emotion of 'beautiful'pic

face- emotion of 'beautiful'

this is a drawing i drew with the song stay beautiful on repeat. every time the song would start, i would feel a differnt feeling.
theresab Apr 10, 2008
Stay beautiful significa...pic

Stay beautiful significa...

siginifica muito, porque quando escutei o CD de vocês pela primeira vez, foi a música que mais gostei, o clipe também é muito legal, e…
jeancarls Apr 03, 2008
Staying beautifulpic

Staying beautiful

To me staying beautiful is staying true to your hopes and dreams. Just be yourself and and only change for the better over time. With…
rocksocks Apr 03, 2008

poem about what staying beautiful means

Saw you guys at The Independent in SF last year...can't wait until you come back! Here is a poem about staying beautiful.... Stay beautifulStay realBe who you…
willowzmom Apr 02, 2008

Stay Beautiful

Hey Kurtis,I'm your cousin in upstate NY...Glens Falls...maiden name..Smith!!  Of course!Just wanted to say how much I love the music and how proud I am…
lorraine1212 Mar 31, 2008

Stay Beautiful means....

What does Stay Beautiful mean to me??? Well after being in a abusive marriage. Being beaten down and made to feel worthless. I finally found…
ltamez Mar 31, 2008


thelastgoodnight Mar 13, 2008