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where us emos or goths who are nerdy vampires at...more»
where us emos or goths who are nerdy vampires at heart
to hang out and post random things that make no sense whatsoever. Sort of like this description.

The Spill //Chapter 2

     After Lunch, Stephanie and Kenny walked to their lockers, which were right next to each other. Their conversation was about how Kenny was thinking…
tazz169 Apr 13, 2008

The Spill//Chapter 1

nbsp;    Suddenly, stephanie fell to the ground, her lunch went flying.  Alaina, who was already sitting down, looked up and said her trademarked, "nice."  Stephanie…
tazz169 Apr 05, 2008
Mute Blaqk Audiovid

Mute Blaqk Audio

I love this song =]
Hmm, Jade's Song?vid

Hmm, Jade's Song?

Supposedly, this is a rare AFI song that Jade sings. I don't believe it at ALL, since I know my Jadey :) and this is…
skyegirl Feb 25, 2008
Just Like Heavenvid

Just Like Heaven

AFI's cover of The Cure's "Just Like Heaven"
skyegirl Feb 24, 2008
AFI 6 to 8vid

AFI 6 to 8

Kick ass AFI song!!!
What a SMILEpic

What a SMILE

wearing white and a beautiful SMILE!!!
my favpic
go daveypic
i love this tatt :pic