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Sunset of Sunsetspic

Sunset of Sunsets

You are probably sick of my sunsets, but I just can't keep myself from posting them!  It is so delightful to end each day with…
CANDLE Jul 22, 2014

Day in Photos

Well, I wrote this blog once, and as I was putting in the tags somehow I hit the back button and lost the entire blog!…
CANDLE Jul 20, 2014
Soft Sunsetpic

Soft Sunset

We had yet another beautiful sunset tonight!  It went through 3 stages and I was able to photograph the beginning, which you see here, and…
CANDLE Jul 19, 2014
Morning Shadepic

Morning Shade

Yes, I am posting another sky photo!  I am obsessed with the sky!  This was Thursday morning up at my dad's!   I am pretty…
CANDLE Jul 08, 2014
I don't really know what's in the cards of life.pic

I don't really know what's in the cards of life.

Hello everyone. So today I was supposed to go to Granny's funeral today and I was unable to cause I got sick. It really sucks…
escaperoute Jun 30, 2014
Another Beautiful Pellston Sunsetpic

Another Beautiful Pellston Sunset

I hope you aren't sick of my sunset shots!  I am just so impressed with them that I want to share them!  The break in…
CANDLE Jun 27, 2014
Best Farm Fencing Picket Fencing in Australia - Think Fencingpic

Best Farm Fencing & Picket Fencing in Australia - Think Fencing

Think Fencing can make a range of gates to match your Farm Fencing. Not only do they look good but they also last a lifetime!
thinkfencing Jun 13, 2014
Full moonpic

Full moon

Taken at home about 10pm last night .
annier Jun 12, 2014
Michigan Summer Sunsetpic

Michigan Summer Sunset

Last night I braved the wicked  mosquito clouds in order to get a shot of one of the beautiful sunsets we have been having! I…
CANDLE Jun 10, 2014


At the business next to one of our grocery stores they had a boom truck all boomed up with not one, but two American flags…
CANDLE Jun 01, 2014