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Tonight's Sunsetpic

Tonight's Sunset

Today was Kay's day off and we had such a great time!  We slept late and then headed up to my mom's for the afternoon! …
CANDLE Aug 16, 2014
Not A Sunsetpic

Not A Sunset

Well the sun is small in the background! This is, of course, my secret spot again!  It is the last sunset we have had!  We…
CANDLE Aug 12, 2014
Another Sunsetpic

Another Sunset

I know I said that I was going to do a photo blog of yesterday at the lake!  But, Buzznet is being glitchy, so here…
CANDLE Aug 08, 2014
Evening Sun 2pic

Evening Sun 2

This is the other shot that I got last Friday at my "secret" spot !  I am thinking there was probably a great sunset tonight…
CANDLE Aug 05, 2014
Sunset of Sunsetspic

Sunset of Sunsets

You are probably sick of my sunsets, but I just can't keep myself from posting them!  It is so delightful to end each day with…
CANDLE Jul 22, 2014

Day in Photos

Well, I wrote this blog once, and as I was putting in the tags somehow I hit the back button and lost the entire blog!…
CANDLE Jul 20, 2014
Soft Sunsetpic

Soft Sunset

We had yet another beautiful sunset tonight!  It went through 3 stages and I was able to photograph the beginning, which you see here, and…
CANDLE Jul 19, 2014
Morning Shadepic

Morning Shade

Yes, I am posting another sky photo!  I am obsessed with the sky!  This was Thursday morning up at my dad's!   I am pretty…
CANDLE Jul 08, 2014
I don't really know what's in the cards of life.pic

I don't really know what's in the cards of life.

Hello everyone. So today I was supposed to go to Granny's funeral today and I was unable to cause I got sick. It really sucks…
escaperoute Jun 30, 2014
Another Beautiful Pellston Sunsetpic

Another Beautiful Pellston Sunset

I hope you aren't sick of my sunset shots!  I am just so impressed with them that I want to share them!  The break in…
CANDLE Jun 27, 2014