Shot Through The Heart!

For Anyone You've Ever Promised To Be There For! The Person...more»
For Anyone You've Ever Promised To Be There For!
The Person You'd Take a Shot Through The Heart For!
Your Best Friend!
This Group Is About Friendship!
Its About Someone You Love So Much, You'd Die For!
Would You Take A Shot Through The Heart For Someone You Love?!?!

RuinGloria - BandPage | Facebook

Hey Guys!!! Heres a link to our bandpage on facebook which has 3 new tracks from our upcoming album. We would LOVE for you guys to…
ruingloria Jul 06, 2011

It's how love works :)

You say your just human i think your more you say your ugly i say your beautiful you say i hate you i say i love you you…
30stmfan16 Oct 12, 2008

Apparently It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A Death Wish!

Hello there.  This is my first ever bitch, rant, complain, rage about something going wrong, protest, criticize, grumble, whine, nitpick, nag, irritated, pissed off, insulted, offended, hurt, upset…
Bob Bryar The Keeper Of Bra Tac The G.I.Joe Action Man Vs Chuck Norris The Steak!pic
The Black Parade Sailor Scoutspic

The Black Parade Sailor Scouts

You Would Not Believe How Long This Actually Took Me To Make Lol. I Think Its Amusing XD You May Have To Click Full Size But I'll…

I need your opinion buzznet citizens!

i have this project in philosophy of man and i just need your opinion..we are told to pick a song or poem to interpret, to…
yes toilets can be interesting!pic

7 REASONS NOT TO MESS WITH CHILDREN - just for a smile!! =)

***A little girl: was talking to her teacher about whales. The teacher: said it was physically impossible for a whale to swallowa human because even though…
monnie Dec 04, 2007
i remembered i had this pic. like 5 minutes before i gave birth. 11167pic