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Ever in the need for new music? Or do you just have this band that you absolutely adore, but wish was better known? Well Chelsea and I feel that way all the time. We are constantly scouring myspace and other various websites for unsigned or just lesser-known bands. Whenever we find a band that we completely love, we always tell each other about them. Now we want to be able to spread the word to all of you guys; to not only help these bands grow larger fan-bases, but to also share amazing music that should be heard by everyone. So hopefully if you joined this group you have the intention of listening to these bands, and I’m confident to say that you will most likely find at least one diamond in the rough that you can’t get enough of.

Here’s how this group will work: Once a week we will feature a band with a huge write-up on them, maybe describing their music or giving a brief history on them. We might interview a few of these bands for you, so that you can get to know them on a more personal level. We also know that you guys want to be involved in the group, and not just listen to two random girls preach about certain bands, so we will have a section where you guys can share some bands that you’ve stumbled across. That way everyone can go check them out if they want, and Chelsea and I will listen to them all (depending on how many responses we get…), and we will choose the best (in our opinions of course) out of the bands that were suggested and we will sub-feature them. This will probably happen once a week as well.

We were also discussing about doing another section like Flash from the Past, and that would be older bands that you may have forgotten about. Maybe one-hit wonders or just people that drifted away with time. Most of these would probably be from the 90’s because that was our era, and we are strangely attached to them. If we did this, it wouldn’t be as frequent, so maybe once a month.

There may be more developments as we progress, seeing as we really don’t know how to go about running a group…but for now we just want to “Share the Musical Love” Mainstream artists should not be the only bands with fans. Everyone needs to broaden their musical horizons, and through this group you may be able to find a band that’ll be huge one day. Then you’ll be able to say you knew them before they even had a CD out. How awesome will that be?

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