Scene Queens

this group is for people who luv scene queens try...more»
this group is for people who luv scene queens

try and promote less well known scene queens not just the normal bunch.................
and try to be as individual as posible
just be yourself ..........

have fun ! there are no rules

thanks for all your photo you guys are beautiful

iv recently started a new blog if any of you are interested its

follow if you like

You're number none fashionista girlpic

You're number none fashionista girl

Now I'm not saying my fashion is perfect and everyone should follow it because that's the last thing I'm say but today I liked what…
Lithiumrainbow Mar 20, 2014

Style Inspiration: Kiki Kannibal

Its safe to say that Kiki Kannibal is the Queen of Reinvention. Since becoming popular on Myspace with her version of Scene with those black coontails…

Instagram Diary: The Weekend.

My previous weekend has been spent eating sushi and donuts with my siblings, playing Mario Kart in the arcade aswell as 'modelling' my cutesy Fairilse…
Halloween Bitches!!!!!pic


Vom Shooting :3
LuaLunatic Oct 19, 2013

Music Video Premiere: Lady GaGa's "Applause"

Great news. A few minutes ago came a new music video by Lady Gaga-The applause. And it really is for me to be so much…
Katy Bambie
Katy Bambie Aug 19, 2013
Emo Scene Girl Vivi Bunnycorepic

be as vain as you like

be as vain as you like be as silly as you like be as creative as you want  dress up all you like poor blood on…
scum bum
scum bum Jul 04, 2013

Her Name Is Neeshabeth + Giveaway!

Hey lovers! How are you? This weekend was super intense, I`ve slept only for a 2 -3 hours per each day. So right now I…
Neeshabetha LL
Neeshabetha LL Jun 18, 2013

9 Ideas Of How To Brighten Your Summer

1. ADD SOME RAINBOW AND FLOWERS TO YOUR HAIR: Check out pretty legit products that will def help you make it HERE If don`t want to have…