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  • Weekly Fashion Inspirationlink

    Weekly Fashion Inspiration

    That was another week and a new batch arrives Weekly Fashion Inspiration. So what inspired me this time: the ocean, flow…
    Katy Bambie

  • Styles Inspiration:Kreayshawnlink

    Styles Inspiration:Kreayshawn

    Kreayshawn has such amazing style.A bit of hip hop and R'N'B. A little inspiration from the 90's. A little cartoony and…
    Katy Bambie

  • My Favorite Horror Movieslink

    My Favorite Horror Movies

    Halloween come very soon. And in anticipation of this terrible holiday I decide to make my list of my favorite horror fi…
    Katy Bambie

  • Sunday Weekly Fashion Inspirationlink

    Sunday Weekly Fashion Inspiration

    New inspiration for this week . And this week I have a different kind of inspiration: crystal, pink and other cute thing…
    Katy Bambie

  • Katy's Favorite Bandslink

    Katy's Favorite Bands

    Each of us has their favorite bands and I am no exception. But I think that you not only hear your favorite music groups…
    Katy Bambie

  • Style Inspiration:LMFAOlink

    Style Inspiration:LMFAO

    Today at all music channels band LMFAO pursued me. And I really love these guys and their unique style but also for sens…
    Katy Bambie

  • Style Icone:Melissa Marielink

    Style Icone:Melissa Marie

    I really love the new style of Melissa Marie. Yes now she is really skinny. Her style is somewhere between cute and sexy…
    Katy Bambie

  • Celebrity Who Rock Pink Hairlink

    Celebrity Who Rock Pink Hair

    Lately I've been watching that many celebrities are wearing pink hair strands or, well or wigs. Even those whom we could…
    Katy Bambie
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