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  • sydneyrae
    sydneyrae Dec 11, 2010
    she wore it during an interview too(: !

  • yol483
    yol483 Dec 09, 2010
    I love her!!!!! I love Paramore!!! They are so awesome, and Hayley is just great, I love her voice, her…

  • Dec 03, 2010
    so awesome!!! I found this too where she is totally rockin it out with yer shirt audy love! m/

  • Wonderlandgirl
    Wonderlandgirl Dec 03, 2010
    What an honour! I'm excited for you! :D

  • garryebenhaezer
    garryebenhaezer Dec 03, 2010
    hayley looks beautiful

  • carlibfancy
    carlibfancy Dec 02, 2010
    I feel like the shirt is the only good part of this outfit. She looks so frumpy.

  • loveandwonderland
    loveandwonderland Dec 02, 2010
    this is just too awesome!

  • mortuarism
    mortuarism Dec 02, 2010
    I just wish she was more attractive. YEP, I said it, I don't like Hayley Williams, but I love the…

  • paramorefreak13
    paramorefreak13 Dec 02, 2010
    Hayley looks awesome! I've always loved her hair red(or in this case orange.) I also had a feeling you would…

  • taylormarieexo
    taylormarieexo Dec 02, 2010
    Hayley looks great! Just so you know, www.hayleyfashion.info posted the link to the Coco shirt & website, so hopefully tons of…