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Foxman Skull Beads

How cool is this !!! I try to do what I can to keep all my work affordable for everyone without sacrificing any quality. For…
Foxman Mar 29, 2014
Foxman Asylum Promo Flyerpic

Foxman Asylum Promo Flyer

Enter at your own risk !! Foxman Music is a meandering venture down the crossroads of life which is guaranteed to pick at your soul…
Foxman Mar 29, 2014
Where's The Sun by the Foxman Crazy Like A Foxvid

"Where's The Sun" by the Foxman (Crazy Like A Fox)

YIKES !! This is the new video for my vampire song "Where's The Sun". Enter with caution, there are lots of thrills and chills lurking…
Foxman Mar 01, 2014
Foxman 007 Promo Flyerpic

Foxman 007 Promo Flyer

Thought you would all get a kick out of this one :) I have a whole line of new promo flyers coming out over the…
Foxman Feb 15, 2014
Foxman Music Advertisementvid

Foxman Music Advertisement

This video is a 15 second promotion for Foxman Music. I guarantee it will be THE most memorable 15 seconds that you have in your…
Foxman Feb 02, 2014
Occupy The Airwaves Operation Foxmanpic

"Occupy The Airwaves" (Operation Foxman)

The music industry is a cold hearted bitch and I am humbly asking for your assistance in my efforts to "Occupy The Airwaves". All I…
Foxman Jan 28, 2014
Jingle Bells by the Foxman Folklore Superstitionsvid

"Jingle Bells" by the Foxman (Folklore & Superstitions)

This is my homemade video for "Jingle Bells" (track #11 on my recent 'Folklore & Superstitions" Cd). The video is made up of pictures and…
Foxman Jan 01, 2014


BLACK FRIDAY NEWS: Looking for that perfect Black Friday stocking stuffer gift for the music connoisseurs in your life. Well look no further, in honor…
Foxman Nov 29, 2013
Ne'er Do Well by the Foxman Folklore Superstitionsvid

"Ne'er Do Well" by the Foxman (Folklore & Superstitions)

Download song at iTunes: Music Home: (lyrics, Cd sales, downloads, etc) Foxman Art Studio: (Cd & Art Sales)Foxman at Facebook: Mojohut (cigar…
Foxman Nov 24, 2013
Johnny Griparic Richie Kotzen Livevid
gorshine Nov 13, 2013