Rock N Roll Therapy

Can't get a date? Failing all your classes? Parents getting...more»
Can't get a date? Failing all your classes? Parents getting on your nerves?

Rock N Roll Therapy is here to help you will your everyday crises. Musicians will lend their advice to help answer the questions that YOU submit. Post your questions in the forum and Buzznet will deliver them to the artists.

Post a list in the forum of what bands you would like to receive therapy from and check back to read some advice!

Weekly Top 10 Hit List..etc

yes a s promised im gonna give you a weekly list of ten of my top song addictions! and for this week(April 4-10, 2008)... 10.  Splender…


Now FOB just made a new DVD called **** Live in Pheonix, and MCR is going  to release another DVD called the Black Parade is…

A Message by Mikey Fucking Way

Here is it, posted on myspace: "Hello to all,The other day, I was given the new Drive By record by my dear friend Todd Price. For…
RoxanneRossV Apr 03, 2008

Weekly Top Ten Hit List

(02/26/08-03/03/08)from now on Im going to post my top ten weekly hit list, and the criterion? well depends on what my ears send my brain and…

Craig Mabbit for the singer of ETF?

well, Craig Mabbit from Blessthefall just became the new singer of Escape The Fate for singing live songs. What do you think of that?

I'm not anorexic like most girls.

I like this guy, but I'm not like every other girl in the sense that I'm not skinny. I have really bad self-esteem issues and…
onstagebabe04 Mar 31, 2008

So What Happens Now?

Today is....really....emotional for me....I shouldn't really say 'emotional' doesn't quite describe how I feel....'heartless' maybe...but not emotional.... I've been thinking lately...about everything that has happened to…

Fave Heavy Metal Band?

I know some of you are still listening to heavy metal in the '80s , but there's nothing to ashame with. Which band is your…
boyfriend....should i tell him i do this??pic

boyfriend....should i tell him i do this??

so., this guy has been my boyfriend for a bit more than 2 months. the problem is: i cut. i have for a long time…
itsalreadydead Mar 26, 2008
I seem to live in the shadowspic

I seem to live in the shadows

I'm new to this, but I've been brought up in a family of really smart people. I'd say i'm of average intelligence, but none of…
moosimeese Mar 25, 2008