Random Group For Random People

Do whatever you want in this group! Talk about squirrels...more»
Do whatever you want in this group! Talk about squirrels and their armies that will soon destroy civilization as we know it, talk about cats and how they eat grass!
You may add fanfics to it, photos, poems, stupid little forum topics that come off of the top of your head! Polictics even! I don't care! Except if there's any threats, bullying, cruelty, porn, or just about anything bad I will not allow in this group and i'm sure you guys won't do anything bad though because you all rock!
It's a random group for random people so just go completely and utterly insane!




Musicmountain Hempfest 2014 ~ Overlooking Beautiful Madawaska Lake in Stockholm ME(((WOODSTOCK 45TH ANNIVERSARY))) THE FESTIVAL OF THE YEAR IN NEW ENGLAND ~ 3 DAYS ~ 30…

The Oscars Best Picture PARODY

Here you are. You're video parody of the 86th Academy Awards! The 86th Academy Awards aka The Oscars are sunday so I thought I'd make a…
Armen Atoyan
Armen Atoyan Feb 26, 2014
Muddy Good Timespic

Muddy Good Times

Saturday was just as fun as I could have imagined. We got to play 3 games before we were disqualified. Considering it was just a…
KKB kadspic

KKB kads

i miss these gorgeous girl friends :)my stress reliver "God girls"
theit Feb 24, 2013
Book Review: The Book Thief by Marcus Zusackpic

Book Review: The Book Thief by Marcus Zusack

This is one of my new favorite books. Everyone should read this. For real! This book is set in Germany during the Nazi occupation. And it's…
Adrian Lee
Adrian Lee Feb 18, 2013
Birthday Guinea Pigs!pic

Birthday Guinea Pigs!

I got these cute lil guys for my (25th) birthday! Their names are Britches and Brambles. They're starting to warm up to us so they're…
Adrian Lee
Adrian Lee Jan 10, 2013
Christmas Spiritpic

Christmas Spirit

My sister and I decorated a gingerbread house last night! We used a sheet cake for the base because we wanted the whole thing to…
Adrian Lee
Adrian Lee Dec 20, 2012

Nerd News: Lady Gaga Inspires a New Fern's Name??

You read that correctly! A new species of fern has been named after Lady Gaga. This new fern is made of several other species of fern…
Adrian Lee
Adrian Lee Oct 25, 2012
Nerd News: Charli Dancing Gangnam Stylevid

Nerd News: Charli Dancing Gangnam Style

This is Charli-2 from Virginia Tech! He's special because of his impecible balance. The Navy is going to bring him aboard there ships to be…
Adrian Lee
Adrian Lee Oct 19, 2012
we all have God shape holevid

we all have "God shape hole"

Ecclesiastes 3:11 (ESV) "He has made everything beutiful in its time. Also, he has put eternity into man's heart, yet so that he cannot find out…
theit Aug 19, 2012