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  • How could we not hear the voices that speakblog

    How could we not hear the voices that speak

    We cannot understand your confusion. Our minds speak rhymes in our heads while yours dances circles around thought.…

  • He isblog

    He is

    Everything that I believed inEverything that I wantedEverything that I love but... Why do I question him?Why are my fe…

  • blue birdhousesblog

    blue birdhouses

    i hung blue birdhouses out on the porch and nuthatches came to them, made nests and bore small chicks that screech…

  • Flawsblog


    "Flaws"you could call me badyou could call me meanyou could call me scaredbut don't ever take me thereyou could call me…

  • Runway For The Ruinedblog

    Runway For The Ruined

    "Runway For The Ruined"she's a modelshe's meant to be imitatedi'm the originalbut i can't be cloned, noso when you get t…

  • Part 03blog

    Part 03

    "Part 03"show me your guns and let me see what you can do it's like grabbing the sun if you could only see what you do…
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