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  • He isblog

    He is

    Everything that I believed inEverything that I wantedEverything that I love but... Why do I question him?Why are my fe…

  • blue birdhousesblog

    blue birdhouses

    i hung blue birdhouses out on the porch and nuthatches came to them, made nests and bore small chicks that screech…

  • Flawsblog


    "Flaws"you could call me badyou could call me meanyou could call me scaredbut don't ever take me thereyou could call me…

  • Runway For The Ruinedblog

    Runway For The Ruined

    "Runway For The Ruined"she's a modelshe's meant to be imitatedi'm the originalbut i can't be cloned, noso when you get t…

  • Part 03blog

    Part 03

    "Part 03"show me your guns and let me see what you can do it's like grabbing the sun if you could only see what you do…

  • Addictions of A Confessionalblog

    Addictions of A Confessional

    "Addictions of A Confessional"you think i'm hypnotized but i can see to your heartyou feel brave in disguisebut i will t…
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