Piercing/tattoo lovers

If you love piercings and/or, this is the right group...more»
If you love piercings and/or, this is the right group for you! If you have piercings or tattoos, or want to have, or gonna get, or if you just want to ask us something about it, don't be afraid to ask! Maybe you wanna know if piercing your tongue hurts more than your lip, for example. Or if you wonder what is coolest, a lily on the ankle, or cherries on the foot, we'll try to answer all your questions if you have any! And as long as you post pics, Im happy! :D
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Fazia tempo que eu não pegava minha camera pra tirar umas fotos ^^ Agora tenho fotinhas pra atualizar. :P  
Nanda Viana
Nanda Viana Sep 20, 2014
Oi, voltei!pic

Oi, voltei!

Atualizando depois de muuuuuito tempo. =x xD
Nanda Viana
Nanda Viana Sep 19, 2014


Bah.. baita tempo sem postar...=x Estava vendo as postagens anteriores dizendo que eu ia voltar mais vezes... Cadê ? Cadê a Nanda postando ? hauhuahuahuahhaxD Ando com preguiça de…
Nanda Viana
Nanda Viana May 18, 2014
Farrinha aqui em casa no Domingo!pic

Farrinha aqui em casa no Domingo!

Comemorando o niver do Xuxu. Chuva desculpa, mas vc não estragou nosso dia!
Vampíria Aug 21, 2013
Free Birdpic

Free Bird

"If I leave tomorrow, will you still remember me? 'cause i'm free as a bird now And this bird you cannot change Lord knows, I can't change"     Lynyrd Skynyrd…
Vampíria Jul 30, 2013


"Where there is desire there is gonna be a flame Where there is a flame someone’s bound to get burned But just because it burns doesn’t mean…
Vampíria Jul 23, 2013
Hell Consequencespic

Hell & Consequences

"I'm not a victim till I let you take me down"   Stone Sour    
Vampíria Jul 17, 2013
No Titlepic

No Title

"Once you sleep in under my skin There's nothing in this world that could wash you away"♪♫
Vampíria Jul 15, 2013
Post atrasado.pic

Post atrasado.

Foto linda de 4 anos lindos de namoro *-* Muito Feliz ♥
Vampíria Jul 15, 2013


Fds divertidíssimo com a Carolzinha *-*  
Vampíria Jul 02, 2013