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Community photo assignments, challenges, and the best ORIGINAL images on Buzznet.

There are creative, stunning, artistic, emotional, relevant, fun and often spectacular images being posted on Buzznet every day, but these days they can be harder to find. This is a place to support our community of photographers and image-makers and introduce each other to new people and new images.

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Candy Craftspic

Candy Crafts

Hey guys,   Check out what I'm working on for an upcoming shoot?    Any guesses?? Hint I'll be wearing it     bye x0<3
Faith Lorna
Faith Lorna Jul 27, 2014
Five storey fire as you came...pic

Five storey fire as you came...

Aquela saudade de sempreeee!
Alicee Jul 24, 2014


A legenda de algumas fotos que vejo nas redes sociais, mas como aqui é um blog. O nome dessa foto chama-se dúvida cruel, sou aquela pilha…
Alicee Jul 23, 2014

If Disney Girls Were Humans

When we were younger I think we all dreamed that the Disney Fairytales were real and we really looked up to the Disney Girls. An…
Heartemily Jul 20, 2014

If You're A Bird , I'm A Bird

The Newest Photography obsession Drone Photography which uses a Drone with a camera to go where you can't normally go and the end result is…
Heartemily Jul 18, 2014
I'm A Barbie Girl, In The Barbie World.pic

I'm A Barbie Girl, In The Barbie World.

I couldn't think of a title, So I thought it'd be fun to go with Aqua's lyrics for "Barbie Girl."  Anyways, I was out shopping with my…


Arch of the roadway.
melomano Jul 12, 2014
Lay down here beside me in the shallow water.pic

Lay down here beside me in the shallow water.

This is an old picture. I have so many dang pictures on my computer that it's not funny. :P I have old pictures from my…
escaperoute Jul 08, 2014
Mais tarde.pic

Mais tarde.

Dia de pegar estrada de novo, adoro viajar nesse frio, bom demais! Ontem passei uma madrugada massa, regada de muito filminho, vinho e pra finalizar um puta…
Alicee Jul 03, 2014
Let's Pack Up And Leave.pic

Let's Pack Up And Leave.

This is a picture of my roommates boat that his brother gave him for Christmas back in 2012. I absolutely love the way the shadow…
escaperoute Jul 02, 2014