Photographers discuss your skillz. ;)

Jean Marc Henry Best Cirque Copypic

Jean Marc Henry Best Cirque Copy

Jean Marc Henry and the bluepill GROUP bring you the Mixed Reality Cirque Copy Photography Exhibition “My Brussels”.
jeanmarchenry Oct 29, 2014

Hair Do Day

Today Kay and I headed to the beauty shop so that my friend, Jodi, could work her magic on our hair!  Here are the photos…
CANDLE Oct 28, 2014
Birdie Homepic

Birdie Home

I never saw this nest the whole summer!  Now that it is fall and the leaves are gone... there it is!!!  Does anyone know what…
CANDLE Oct 27, 2014
Precious Boypic

Precious Boy

Well today was my first Friday taking care of Gary in Harbor Springs!  The drive wasn't fun, but it was worth it!  Their new house…
CANDLE Oct 24, 2014
Jean Marc Henry Beaute Cover Lady Photographypic

Jean Marc Henry Beaute Cover Lady Photography

The exhibition focuses on 70 of the best Lady Photography in Brussels of Jean Marc Henry.
jeanmarchenry Oct 23, 2014


We woke up this morning to a beautiful blanket of frost crystals! Jack Frost definitely stopped by Northern Michigan overnight! This is a good shot…
CANDLE Oct 23, 2014
RCM Bit Ride On Floor Scrubbers from Sweepers Australiavid

RCM Bit Ride On Floor Scrubbers from Sweepers Australia

If you have an area where you cant use a large machine, or you have to do some emergency cleaning when public is present, or…
charliecollett Oct 22, 2014
Stormy seas Panoramapic

Stormy seas Panorama

The remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo arrived here yesterday but it was just a gale when it reached us. The sea was looking quite wild though…
annier Oct 22, 2014

Kindle este dispozitivul potrivit pentru tine

// Widgets Dispozitivul este perfect pentru persoanele care calatoresc mult, avand o greuate de doar 165 de grame si dimensiuni care permit ca acesta sa…
vasilebogdan Oct 21, 2014
Fall Sunpic

Fall Sun

Downtoen Reno on a beautiful fall afternoon.
desertphreak Oct 19, 2014