Paramore is STILL a band, And we will write if we want to.

Even though the the departure of Josh and Zac, Paramore...more»
Even though the the departure of Josh and Zac, Paramore is STILL a band.

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For all those that lost someone special to death.. MA LA CHI PRODUCTIONS CANT DENY GREATNESS
miiahzz Jul 02, 2014

Ain't It Fun [CHAPTER 8]

We made it to the airport with enough time to check our bags in and go through security, once we got that done we wondered…
laurahhhgrace May 10, 2014

Be My Valentine - One Shot.

Guys! How are y'all doing?  I got some free time and inspiration, so I decided to write this Valentine's Day One Shot, Joshayley obvs haha. It's…

Sweet Home Tennessee {Chapter 12} LAST CHAPTER.

nbsp; First of all... Happy Birthday Hayley! 25, it's insane. Now... here it is! (Finally) The last chapter! End of the Year, End of Sweet Home…


I wouldve done da same thing in dis situation,,,,,Would U??? Show this 2 ur fam 4 da holidays and see the reaction they get wen…
miiahzz Nov 26, 2013

Sweet Home Tennessee {Chapter 11}

Okay folks... the next one's gonna be the LAST Chapter! Yeah, you heard it right, Sweet Home Tennessee hit its end... unbelievable, right? Hope ya like…
Webster ave.vid

Webster ave.

Pigz be bored in NY..... Caught on Cam!
miiahzz Oct 20, 2013

Sweet Home Tennessee {Chapter 10}

I can't believe it! I did it! I've updated! *screams and dances jumping on the bed* Alright, alright. How are y'all?? It's been so long, I…

Like a Thunderstorm - One Shot.

So... hey! Another One-Shot, yeah... hope you don't mind? Look, I promise you that my next One-Shot will be all cheesy and happy and all…

Sweet Home Tennessee {Chapter 8}

Wow! And here it is! I love this chapter, I liked writing it so... yep, I guess it came out pretty good? Well, I hope…

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