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Post your pics, videos, journals, anything to do with P!ATD you can post here. Have fun =] xxx

RCM Bit Ride On Floor Scrubbers from Sweepers Australiavid

RCM Bit Ride On Floor Scrubbers from Sweepers Australia

If you have an area where you cant use a large machine, or you have to do some emergency cleaning when public is present, or…
charliecollett Oct 22, 2014


Check out m'boys in Panic! At The Disco in their new music video for 'Nicotine!' 
Laurel Feb 28, 2014
The Gospel Tourvid

The Gospel Tour

So, Panic! at the Disco is going on another tour this summer and I want you guys to make sure you make it to one…
Laurel Feb 24, 2014
This Is Gospelvid

This Is Gospel

If for some strange reason, you haven't already, go check out Panic! at the Disco's video for This Is Gospel.
Laurel Feb 11, 2014
Panic! at the Tabernacle: 2.7.14 - Atlanta, GApic

Panic! at the Tabernacle: 2.7.14 - Atlanta, GA

Literally, I had been looking forward to this Panic! at the Disco concert for months and by the time the boys came out, Panic! got…
Laurel Feb 09, 2014

POLL: Which Record Will You Buy October 8th?

On October 8th TONS of new music is coming your way, so I want to know what you're going to pick up. VOTE below!
sorryyourenot Oct 06, 2013
Album Release Party: TWTLTRTDpic

Album Release Party: TWTLTRTD

So, I've been so busy the last two weeks and weekends, that I haven't been able to post too much here on Buzznet.  But, last night…
Laurel Oct 05, 2013
Fave Accessorypic

Fave Accessory

Buzznet Photo A Day -- I never go a day without having my Panic! at the Disco exclamation point necklace on. If I don't wear…
Laurel Sep 27, 2013

Panic! At The Disco Album Listening Parties | Facebook So, I don't know about you guys, but not only am I stoked for Panic! at the Disco's new album coming out in nine days…
Laurel Sep 25, 2013
Happy Birthday, Jon Walker!pic

Happy Birthday, Jon Walker!

So, today is this dude's birthday and I doubt anyone else really remembered, but I for one sure didn't forget. Maybe it's just crazy of…
Laurel Sep 17, 2013