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The Evolution of Patrick Stump

In honor of our favorite Soul Punk's 27th birthday, here's a gallery of his best looks. He's a little man, also evil, also into hats…
breesays Apr 27, 2011
back when i was a ockpic

back when i was a ock

when i won backstage passes at the Nintendo fusion tour '07
juanitabenzz Dec 24, 2010
Dance, Dancevid

Dance, Dance

Memories Credit goes to FallOutBoyVEVO on youtube
davard Jun 15, 2010
Patrick's changing!!pic

Patrick's changing!!

Patrick Stump now has twitter and a solo album coming out!! YAY!!!! :D (plus how cute is this pic! its like '10 years younger'!)
SazFOB Jan 28, 2010
Believers Never Die Slideshowvid

Believers Never Die Slideshow

I made a slideshow of the Toronto Concert on May 5, 2009 of the FOB show. It was a great night for me to go…
misserkisser Oct 05, 2009
Fall Out Boy on Switch!! so funny!!!vid

Fall Out Boy on Switch!! (so funny!!!)

i have this on tape its that great!! this is from..october? or maybe march....(i think its october). Switch is a UK teens music show on…
SazFOB Jun 29, 2009
FOB on the Today Showpic

FOB on the Today Show

arent patrick's glasses great? if i needed glasses i would so get those!
SazFOB Jun 16, 2009
so, I hate to brag, but...pic

so, I hate to brag, but...

we were pretty B.A. that day, with our little FOB signing wristbands and all! haha (starting at teal hoodie sleeved arm going counterclockwise around...) Me, Amanda, Alex, Jen, Cailee This…
Tara Ashlee
Tara Ashlee May 22, 2009
Pete's Bloopersvid

Pete's Bloopers

I have no idea what this is from but its funny so enjoy Credit goes to OfficialFallOutBoy on youtube
davard May 13, 2009
Valentine Do's And Don'tsvid

Valentine Do's And Don'ts

Credit goes to skeetv on youtube
davard Apr 07, 2009