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This group is for posting any and all posts of nature! Photos, blogs, links, videos are all welcome! This is a place where you can go and just get lost for awhile and enjoy the fascinating world around us!

Black Squirrelpic

Black Squirrel

Hi everyone!  Thank you for commenting on my fragmented posts! (:  You guys and gals are the BEST!!!  I was really excited when I got…
CANDLE Feb 15, 2015
Day 30pic

Day 30

[30 January 2015] TGIF! I had an incredibly lazy day at work. I was pretty much doing administrative work only and nothing substantive. I was rather…
詠儀™ Jan 31, 2015
Day 17pic

Day 17

[17 January 2015] It’s zee day that I have been waiting for! I didn’t manage to wake up at 6a.m. and have breakfast. I woke up…
詠儀™ Jan 18, 2015
Blue tit waitingpic

Blue tit waiting

This pic taken Christmas Eve - he is watching a couple of starlings and waiting for them to go so he can get on the…
annier Dec 28, 2014


I can't remember if I have posted this or not!  I am SO busy with the holiday coming and trying to get everything done!  Tonight…
CANDLE Dec 16, 2014
Herring Gullpic

Herring Gull

This juvenile Herring gull was feeding on a dead seal on the beach and flew off as I got near - so I took his…
annier Dec 11, 2014
An Airport Skypic

An Airport Sky

I took this shot over the airport last Thursday afternoon!  I haven't been seeing many sunsets these days, so I thought I would post this…
CANDLE Dec 09, 2014
Winter Susnetpic

Winter Susnet

What a great weekend this was!  Trevor was home and that was awesome!  We had Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping!  Then today my precious boy…
CANDLE Nov 30, 2014
Forte Tete Image Overt View by Jean marc Henrypic

Forte Tete Image Overt View by Jean marc Henry

Jean Marc Henry The Real World Saint Gery exhibition Forte Tete Photogralhy in the heart of Brussels took place between 07/06/07 and 09/08/07.
jeanmarchenry Nov 28, 2014
Buzzard hawkpic

Buzzard hawk

He was sitting on a hedge at the side of the road - luckily a very quiet road - so I stopped car, opened window…
annier Nov 28, 2014