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This group is for posting any and all posts of nature! Photos, blogs, links, videos are all welcome! This is a place where you can go and just get lost for awhile and enjoy the fascinating world around us!

Wide Viewpic

Wide View

The Truckee Meadows to Spanish Springs Valley
Another November sunsetpic

Another November sunset

We had a pretty sunset sky again yesterday afternoon - I take a lot of sunset shots at this time of the year because the…
annier Nov 19, 2014
Sunset skypic

Sunset sky

A quiet sunset at home yesterday afternoon about 4.30 pm .
annier Nov 16, 2014
Winter Berries?pic

Winter Berries?

I don't know if these are berries, seeds, or something else, but they are on the bush right outside my front door!  I thought they…
CANDLE Nov 14, 2014
Fall Or Winter?pic

Fall Or Winter?

Fall or winter?  Winter has hit us before fall has finished it's dance!  Mother Nature is as confused as everyone else up here in the…
CANDLE Nov 10, 2014


On the beach yesterday - it actually stayed dry long enough for us to have a good walk  - today we got wet !
annier Nov 10, 2014
Week 46 47 I just came to say hellopic

Week 46 & 47 I just came to say hello

From a little walk with colleage from past studies. She's a photographer too and it was really nice to take photos while talking. I proposed…
Tommorow Nov 09, 2014
Empty Truckeepic

Empty Truckee

We need a wet winter...

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fifacoinscheap15 Nov 05, 2014
A walk in the woodspic

A walk in the woods

We got some sunshine this morning and Hovis and I went for 2 walks, first on the beach - and then in the woods…
annier Oct 31, 2014