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This group is for posting any and all posts of nature! Photos, blogs, links, videos are all welcome! This is a place where you can go and just get lost for awhile and enjoy the fascinating world around us!

Tree Of Shoes

Yesterday was Thursday, and we all know what that means ... shopping day in Cheboygan!  As my dad and I were finishing up our shopping…
CANDLE 8 hrs ago
Golden Paradise.pic

Golden Paradise.

So I went to Crescent Bay Point Park the other day and shot some photos. We made it right in time for sunset and golden…
Another black dotted friendpic

Another black dotted friend

I spotted another lady bird in the grass. Nothing red can escape my eyes. :D This time I couldn't help but use a severe edit…
Hovis in the bluebellspic

Hovis in the bluebells

We went for a walk in Brandybrook woods this morning on a lovely sunny day. When I was there last week no bluebells were in…
annier Apr 15, 2014
The Firmamentpic

The Firmament

On my way home from babysitting on Friday night, I noticed that the sun was getting ready to set and had gone behind a horizontal…
CANDLE Apr 13, 2014
Bee on daffodilpic

Bee on daffodil

The daffodils are dying off now but this bee found one to feed on . I have seen a lot of bees about - thats…
annier Apr 13, 2014
Life passes by so fast...pic

Life passes by so fast...

Life passes by so fast. Whatever makes you happy, that's what you should do.
Proud roosterpic

Proud rooster

I just want to give you a little update on our tiny rooster as you thought he was cute. :) He has pretty much found…
Not Quite Sunsetpic

Not Quite Sunset

I was a bit too early to catch the sunset tonight!  The sun was so bright in the sky!  It was warm and the snow…
CANDLE Apr 08, 2014


Found this little fellow in my parents' yard. Spring is here, I tell you! I'm sorry I cannot tell you anything exciting but nothing interesting is…