My colorful world

Please post some colorful pictures from your life. xoxo Bejus
Please post some colorful pictures from your life.


Azealia Banks' Hair at Coachella a few years agopic
Family Farepic

Family Fare

The supermarket in Cheboygan where we buy all of our produce has a new owner and a new name!  It used to be Glen's Market…
CANDLE Jul 10, 2014

Independence Day

Hi there!  I had a very quiet and emotional July 4th holiday this year!  Jordan and I went to the fireworks thinking we would be…
CANDLE Jul 05, 2014


For all those that lost someone special to death.. MA LA CHI PRODUCTIONS CANT DENY GREATNESS
miiahzz Jul 02, 2014
All That Remainspic

All That Remains

Jordan and I drove by the property where our house and barn used to be!  Everything is gone now!  They tore it all down!  The…
CANDLE Jun 30, 2014
Gentle Irispic

Gentle Iris

My brother's irises are in bloom! It is such a perfect sign of summer!  Their color is so gentle and preciously pretty!  I love them!…
CANDLE Jun 20, 2014

Airport Day

Hi there Buzznet fam!  I warned you that I would be posting photo blogs!  Today Andy and I took Kay to the airport in Traverse…
CANDLE Jun 19, 2014
time bombpic
scum bum
scum bum Jun 15, 2014
Dune Buggypic

Dune Buggy

I think that is what it is anyway!  Kay and I saw this parked behind the brewery in Cheboygan and had to stop to get…
CANDLE Jun 12, 2014