My colorful world

Please post some colorful pictures from your life. xoxo Bejus
Please post some colorful pictures from your life.



RoonesRoonesRoones 'strawberry' painting
roones Dec 16, 2014
have i gone mad i'm afraid so you're entirely bonkers but ill tell you a secret all the best people arepic
Girl With Ombre Hair in Indigo, Purple A Dark Wine Red - From the Beat The Winter Blues: Blue Hair Inspiration! Gallerypic
Oh, I'm In Love For The First Time...pic

Oh, I'm In Love For The First Time...

"...don't you know it's gonna last? It's a love that lasts forever It's a love that has no past..." - The Beatles, "Don't Let Me Down". Hi all, I…
Halcyon. Dec 12, 2014


"...we'll walk in the rays of a beautiful Sun Someday when the world is much lighter..." - The Five Stairsteps, "Ooh Child". Hi all, been a while, right?…
Halcyon. Dec 07, 2014
The Holidays Have Begunpic

The Holidays Have Begun

I have had a very busy, but very good week!  Trevor got home on Tuesday!  It is GREAT to have him here even though it…
CANDLE Nov 28, 2014
Chosen 1vid

Chosen 1

Scary!! Share this with the rest of society!! When you do, you have done your part....The End is NEAR!
miiahzz Nov 26, 2014
roones Nov 24, 2014
Oh, You Look So Beautiful Tonight...pic

Oh, You Look So Beautiful Tonight...

" the city of blinding lights..." - U2, "City Of Blinding Lights". Hi all, despite the fact we still have maybe about a month or something before…
Halcyon. Nov 23, 2014

Roones Paintings

RoonesRoones painting - Elissa singer
roones Nov 18, 2014