My Chemical Romance Family

This group is for My Chemical Romance fans (could you...more»
This group is for My Chemical Romance fans (could you guess lolz) I picked the name for this group because as MCR fans we are one family! Here we act as one family! I hope you all enjoy this group!

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Day 36: The MCRmy :pic

Day 36: The MCRmy :)

Listening to: Dead!, Desolation Row, House Of Wolves, SING, Thank You For The Venom - My Chemical Romance Today I woke up at 10:30 and…
Zombie Zacky
Zombie Zacky Feb 05, 2011
Vampires Will Never Hurt Youvid

Vampires Will Never Hurt You

Credit goes to eyeballrecords on
davard Jul 20, 2010
All I want for Christmas is MCRvid

All I want for Christmas is MCR

Credit goes to xRainbowsmilex on youtube
davard May 04, 2010
MCR: In studio video!vid

MCR: In studio video!

posted by Ray on Jul 21, 2009 5:51pm Hey guys, here's our first attempt at some in studio video...This is me and G doing some…
jussijames Jul 21, 2009
Found this written on a table in hard materials.pic


Credit goes to falloutboyrule1 on youtube
davard Mar 17, 2009

My Chemical Romance Album Won't Be A 'Kitchen Sink' Affair

Feb 18 2009 7:57 AM EST 'I think it's going to get by on its musicianship and its own merits in the songs,' frontman Gerard Way…
jussijames Feb 18, 2009

MCR desolation row press release

Warner Sunset / Reprise Records to Release 12” Picture Disc of My Chemical Romance’s Reinterpretation of “Desolation Row” for Watchmen on January 27, 2009 Posted…
jussijames Jan 13, 2009
December from MCR calendar 09pic
November from MCR calendar 09pic