Does Music Influence Your Lifestyle?

It's apparent to most people that music has a huge...more»
It's apparent to most people that music has a huge influence on todays society. From the clothes we wear, the friends we choose and the lives we lead to the food we eat the way we look (Gothic, Indie, Glam/Bling, SIZE 0!) and the way we speak (ya get me? Innit?).

Where children and teenagers are concerned they are very easily influenced. Their lifestyles are often a strong echo of their tastes in music and are reflected in the way they dress, act and speak.

So do we think that music plays too big a part in their psyche or is it a case of stronger censorship is needed?

Most of us may argue that it is a phase that these kids going through but how much of it do we carry forward with us into later life?

Do you believe that the celebrity lifestyle has become a fixation? Have we allowed the bar of expectation to be set too high?

Perhaps the reason for some of todays problems with behavior are partly to blame on the fact that kids feel frustrated that life is not what they expected it to be. Based on the vision they were given in the media or by their favorite musician, actor or actress they could feel hugely disappointed.

I'm not saying that music alone is to blame, not by any means. But when it plays such a large part in peoples lives, just how much of an influence is it?

I was reading a disturbing comment in a blog a few weeks ago. Someone was trying to make a joke about how funny they thought it was that it seemed to be a weekly occurrence that the "Goths" and "Chavs" had a bust up outside the city cathedral. They hated each other simply because of their lifestyles and purely on sight would throw down the gauntlet to try and prove who has the biggest balls I suppose. Pointless grappling for the sake of lifestyle superiority.

Personally I am a Rock Chick at heart, but my musical tastes are quite eclectic. I wear the skinny jeans, leather belts and boots, black eyeliner (in moderation). And yes! I do feel that it defines me and probably reflects my personality.

But I speak "proper" English (granted with a Yorkshire accent ha ha!) I have manners, well I think I'm polite anyway, I've never had an old lady swing her handbag around my head for pushing in front of her in the bus queue put it that way. I treat others as I would expect to be treated and I always like to see the good in people before reverting to criticism.

But I really hate this new age "street talk", it's lyk shizzlin ma nizzle man! Say What? And what's with the strut? Were you born with one leg shorter than the other or do you have something in your shoe? I have to say THAT kind of Bad Boy image really doesn't do it for me. But as they say, "What is one mans garbage is another mans treasure."

I love my music. It's the soundtrack to my life. I wouldn't want to live without it and neither do I think I should. Music is an extension of my personality. It can change my mood. It can lift me when I'm down and calm me when I'm bad tempered. But it doesn't rule me! I am who I am partly because of the music I choose not because of what the music is, it did not choose me.

Music is a statement. A declaration. A medium for anger, love, happiness, disappointment, political views, comedy, worship, defense, attack, protection..... I may like a catchy baseline, a guitar riff or a certain song lyric. But I choose my way of life based on how I feel and relate to the world and not because of a song or a band. I don't mimic, I lead.

So who are you? What influences you?

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