We have only one motto:"Do NOT bash le stash." Here we...more»
We have only one motto:"Do NOT bash le stash."

Here we can collate everything 'Moustachette' related and try to make good sense of it all.

Pictures,videos, posts, journals and generally you precious time is needed.

Join us.


Moustachette: A Review. Sort Of.

What can one say about a movie that's 16 minutes long, especially when the film festival staff let everyone in 5 minutes after they've started…
breesays Nov 24, 2009
Kanye Stump or Patrick Westpic
Moustachette Trailervid

Moustachette Trailer

MOUSTACHETTE TRAILER #1 (HD) from MOUSTACHETTE MOVIE on Vimeo. It’s finally here…the official MOUSTACHETTE TRAILER! Thanks for all of your patience and support while we battled the…
KatyKatyKaty Apr 04, 2009
i love making funny videosvid

i love making funny videos

music used is from a pix msg...uhh..better watch this before it gets deleted lol t h a n x to anyone who watched it ^_^
cindydisaster Mar 18, 2009
el senior mustachiopic

el senior mustachio

rich's stash aint got nothing to worry
nopantsboy Jan 20, 2009
Mylinda Royerpic

Mylinda Royer

Mylinda Royer is a working commercial ninja. Not unlike the monkey-faced Barn Owl, Mylinda is totally silent when moving in for a kill. Indentured for 6 seasons…
KatyKatyKaty Jan 16, 2009
Jayk Gallagherpic

Jayk Gallagher

Jayk Gallagher dedicates his life to training and showing Lipison stallions outside of Waconda, Illinois. He first encountered a Lipison as a child and instantly knew…
KatyKatyKaty Jan 16, 2009
Peen Wentzpic

Peen Wentz

Pete Wentz hopes to one day own and operate a chain of soft-serve ice cream kiosks in shopping malls throughout Orange County. After witnessing the senseless…
KatyKatyKaty Jan 16, 2009
Anna Lilliepic

Anna Lillie

Each year, Anna Lillie journeys to the Blue Mountains of Jamaica to harvest and process coffee beans, which she then brews and donates to needy orphans. She…
KatyKatyKaty Jan 16, 2009
Mary Kingpic

Mary King

Mary King is currently serving 5yrs in Chino’s sexiest Institution for Women. She recently lost parole eligibility due to repeated pillow fights in the showers. Also, she…
KatyKatyKaty Jan 16, 2009