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A group for the discussion of all things relating to the release of the movie Watchmen. Gather together, brothers and sisters, and mourn the lack of squid.

"Watchmen" Sequel Officially in the Works

It wasn't too long after Watchmen's opening weekend that DC comics launched a site called "After Watchmen, What's Next?"  And of course, the film industry…
Ashly Mar 31, 2009

So Many Giant Squids

Nicholas Reed has finally posted the compilation of Giant Squid quotes. Since he offers no explanation, and also because I am somewhat responsible for the mess…
Ashly Mar 24, 2009

Watchmen review

Watchmen is a mixed bag in terms of quality.  After seeing it it's not really possible to flat out say it's a good or bad movie. …
bulletproofheeb Mar 09, 2009

Who Watched The Watchmen?

Gather round, ye boys and girls of the internets. Your valued opinion can now be voiced via a poll I just made up. If you…
El Rich
El Rich Mar 09, 2009

Watchmen - I Herd U Liek It

$55.7 million dollars is a lot of 20 sided dice. That dollar amount is the weekend take home for Zac Snyder's take on the beloved…
El Rich
El Rich Mar 09, 2009

Wanna read my first-year paper, "Comparing the Theme of Voyeurism in Watchmen and Sunset Boulevard"?

I got 90%!!! Voyeurism is defined as "obtaining sexual gratification from looking at others sexual actions or organs" (Oxford). Indulging in voyeurism is usually seen…
Good evening, Vancouver! How are ya, Vancouver!pic
Watchmen Clip: Prison Break Fight Scenevid

Watchmen Clip: Prison Break Fight Scene

Okay. I'm suddenly a lot more optimistic about this movie. And the music is just AWESOME.
Ashly Feb 22, 2009
I squid NY, part 2pic

I [squid] NY, part 2

Remember that shirt I planned to wear when I see "Watchmen"? Well, I went out and had it printed. And if you like it (as…

I [squid] NY

Holy shameless self-promotion, Nite Owl! Myself and Varius are trying our hand at tee-shirt design and sales. Check out our eponymous debut design, and keep…
Ashly Feb 20, 2009