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Bored with the bands and artists your listening to now? no, of course not. But what harm would it do to look for other bands and artists that rock? no rock? okay then, how bout pop, country, or rap? either or- find new bands and artist.

**stupid-ish group, but i got bored and tired of people listening to just ONE band. nothing wrong with that, but still...browse the musical world!

Thank You LaShun Pace Style vid

Thank You (LaShun Pace Style )

During the Voices of Power Reunion (founded by her brother Bishop Murphy Pace III), LaShun Pace tells her testimony and thanks God for the "four"…
whenwespeaktv 5 hrs ago

IES - Indie Entertainment Summit Wraps Up Third Consecutive Successful Edition In L.A. To A Global Audience As The Greatest Event For Indie Artists, Producers & Labels The music & entertainment industries are abuzz about IES, as the biggest global annual event dedicated to the independent side of music, movies/TV, touring &…
musicdish Aug 15, 2014
Adi's Jazz Kitchen: Coconut Curry Wingspic

Adi's Jazz Kitchen: Coconut Curry Wings

When she's not On The Run with Beyonce & Jay Z, you can catch saxophonist, Adison Evans, in the kitchen.  This is a great recipe that…
whenwespeaktv Aug 08, 2014
Utopia 2009 Within Temptation ft. Chris Jonesvid

Utopia (2009) / Within Temptation ft. Chris Jones

The burning desire To live and roam free It shines in the dark And it grows within me You're holding my hand But you don't…
melomano Aug 01, 2014
Live at Wembley '86 1992 Queenpic

Live at Wembley '86 (1992) / Queen

Live at Wembley '86 is a double live album by English rock band Queen. It was recorded live on Saturday 12 July 1986 during The Magic Tour…
melomano Jul 30, 2014

Tu ausencia (2010) / Andres Cepeda

Cuando el beso se anticipa, a un amor que nunca llega Cuando el corazón te avisa, aunque luego se arrepienta Cuando pienses que aunque mientas…
melomano Jul 29, 2014

Cuento (2003) / Alvaro Abitia

Más de una vez, dibujando se durmió en la mesa, soñaba sus dibujos en los que siempre era princesa, fue su príncipe, un te amo, un beso en el alma, en…
melomano Jul 25, 2014
Are Bands Becoming Endangered?vid

Are Bands Becoming Endangered?

The Endangered is a band out of Los Angeles, California, that believes in preserving the artistry of live music. WATCH THE VIDEO "DOLLARS" BY THE…
whenwespeaktv Jul 25, 2014
Live Magic 1986 Queenpic

Live Magic (1986) / Queen

Live Magic is a live compilation album by British rock band Queen. It was recorded at various live shows during the Magic Tour (1986) and released…
melomano Jul 21, 2014
Are you a House Music Fan? Check out Tortured Soul music!vid

Are you a House Music Fan? Check out Tortured Soul music!

Musical Trio, Tortured Soul, has traveled the world and now they sit down with Jermaine Sain of When We Speak.  FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT TORTURED…
whenwespeaktv Jul 21, 2014